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Advice for attempting to raise brackish fry?

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Or I guess larvae really. 

Hey shrimpers, I have a nano tank that has NQ Algae Shrimp and Darwin Red Nose Shrimp. A few months ago, I noticed three fry. I wasn't doing anything unusual or special in that tank, I just got lucky I think. The three fry survived and are still shrimping around now, they ended up being DRN shrimp. Since then I've seen hundreds and hundreds of larvae, but none have survived beyond that stage since the original three. I recently got Endlers and I move the fry to this tank so I can forget about any kind of shrimp breeding within the tank for the time being. But I'm thinking of getting an external breeding box to move my berried shrimp into once I see eyes in their eggs. Once she drops them I can put her back in the main tank and try to go from there. So, how do I got about this? Obviously I need some marine salt, a hydrometer and a green water culture for food, as well as another grow out tank because I'm not going to leave the larvae in the breeding box.

Have any of you tried this? I can't find a lot of info about salinity levels, how to acclimate them back to fresh water etc. So any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Brackish water salinity levels has a huge variation. So no need to be too accurate.


An alternative to green water culture is powdered spirulina or chlorella. 

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