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SKF Aquatics Monthly Digest 29 January 2018

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Plans for Australia Day
What is everyones plans for Australia Day? I plan to do something very Australian and go exploring my local bush areas, you know the sometimes bitumen but mostly dirt roads that lead off to the side…

Newbie questions to starting a tank
Hi, I am a newbie to shrimp keeping and I have come here for some stability in information as to looking around the information of various fish forums vary so much. Some say RCS are easy and will t…

white bloom ?
i have a 225ltr tank which as been running since early November, planted, ph 6.2 temp 22.8 tds 170, i put the first lot of shrimp in early january not had any problems, molting as normal and a few …

Aldi selling powdered Kale and spirulina for DIY shrimp food
For those that are into DIY shrimp or fish food ... Aldi are selling powdered Kale and Spirulina on Wed 24th Jan.…

Shrimp in Planted Tanks
Hi gang, I was curious if there were any plants to specifically avoid in a planted tank, and if there was such a thing as having too many plants in the tank. I have started a nice little cube that h…

How hard is it to breed fighter fish love fish   Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

ID on these?? (photo fixed???)
So I bought about 10 of these guys labeled as black sakura.. i don't think that's what they are. Does anyone have any ideas??

Micro organisms?
My tank looks like it full of marine snow. I am not sure if it's a good or bad thing. I also have 5 or 6 tiny white worms flailing about in the water, they are maybe 1cm at most. My tank is plants …

cross breeding super tigers with TBs/CRS/CBS
So I have am curious as whether this can be done or not. I have heard that super tigers get bigger then usual and was wandering whether they can cross breed with taiwan bees or even crystal red/blac…

Can Shrimp carry disease
I have a ghost shrimp and Nerite snail that were in a tank with a Betta that had advanced Swim Bladder disease. They have been in a quarantine tank since December 28. Can they infect other fish or s…

My oxydator A, as been in my tank 24hrs and I see no bubbles what so ever yet on you tube they show bubbles in their thousands. Do i have a problem oxydator? Or do some give off  bubbles and some d…

Have put together a bunch of dirt cheap shrimp stuff.
The Tech Den
Its been a while since posting last but thought a new year and lets kick off with a bunch of gear ideal for SKF peps. Yes you still get your SKF discount off that too.. Here is the link....…

Bacter AE possible issue?
Hello, I am new here, and new to shrimp keeping and have done a lot of research before setting up a Crystal red shrimp tank, and after watching a few videos online, some people said that we can…

Happy New Year 2018!
Lot's of ups and a few downs, but now 2017 is over... 2018 is a year of great opportunity and wish the very best for you! May your tanks overflow with shrimp fry so you can send some my way…

Shrimps in my Pond in Ecuador
Hi All Im a foreigner living in Ecuador. I have my build pond in the garden around 10 meters long and 4 meters wide. Maybe 1.5 meters deep with shallow areas.  Lots of plants in there. Gupp…

Is this a parasite?
This RCS has white dots on either side of his head I Think I have read before that it is a parasite, I would like somebody’s outside opinion.   Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  • Posts

    • ineke
      Unfortunately unless we can get at the black shrimp and cull everything else constantly we will always end up with a few blues etc. I tried for sometime to get just blacks but I think it must stem back from when the blacks were first being bred here and nearly always kept with chocolates. Even back in my 2013 colony that i got from Dean there were blacks and chocolates together. The blues didn't start turning up straightaway but even with culling I ended up with all 4 colours. i know many people have the same issue when trying to breed the blue diamonds- blue from black -they have to cull hard and constantly and truthfully I don't think any or at least only a few have a large colony of blue diamonds that breed 100% true.  You need to try and find a few blacks that don't show the deep blue - try putting them in a white container near a light source - you will see the blue/black colour more readily -if you are lucky enough to get a trio of true black without the blue base you might get started -good luck!
    • jayc
      That is less than 5%, so that should be safe. But maybe change it over every 3 days. Or every week, if you want to be safer.
    • Baccus
      Thank you for the imput Ineke. I too started with a mix of chocolate and black, nearly lost the lot thanks to an invasion of dragonfly caddis's and I ended up putting the few survivors into my 1000L pond. Months later I found chocolates in the pond and got interested in trying to get a good tank of them again. I swear my black cherry shrimp tank is determined to do my head in...….Almost every shrimp in there now is either blue (and practically all the shrimplets are blue) or a very definant blue/black. And the 4ft where I put all the dark chocolates are now producing lots of blacks. I know its an odd thing to complain about, getting too many blues, but come on I really loved the glossy all black cherry's. Oh and on a side note. In the dedicated Blue cherry tank I am getting deep blues, clear blues (diamonds?) and apparently for good measure blue rilli. And there is no way the shrimp can get between the tanks because no swapping around of plants has occurred and the tanks are a good 2-3m apart over a concrete floor.
    • nicpapa
      What parameter are you keep taiwans tibees?   What tds you get wiht salty shrimp mineral? And what gh? 1 have 3 same tanks 100liters, same setups. In one there are tibbe and taiwan,  i get them months ago, dont loose anyone. They breed but i dont have babies... I saw one baby  with  molting problem dead. In the other tanks there are crs cbs , they breed like crazy and i have lot o babies, the survation of babies is very good.   My water is 128 tds ppm , it raised to 140 because of the fans. Gh measure 5 (jbl) kh 0 ( api) ph 6.4 (api) Mineral salty shrimp gh + Substrate akadama       Also another tank, wiht hybrids, same water , same substrate, f1 taiwan x crs , taiwan x tangerine tigers babies grow fast.... Babies survive also is very good.   I think i try to lower the gh to 4 ...
    • pastu
      I would change 10 l a week with pure ro