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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, well it's been a while and I hope you're all doing well. I'm back with pics from this years champs hosted by SCV which was a great success again and seems to be really building some momentum now. It was great to meet even more interstate shrimpers, put more names to faces and of course catch up with our old shrimp mates again. We hope to see you there next year too! I'm going to start by posting some pics from the Native Species class, a class which is generally under-appreciated and under-represented in both the show and the wider hobby. Hope you like them... First 2 pics are Riffle Shrimp (Australatya striolata) from Paul O'Leary having a feed on my food formula. Pic 3 is another Riffle from fishmosy which was from the group which collected 1st place in the Native class. Remaining pics are Caridina sp. indistincta C also from fishmosy. A beautiful species which was still colouring back up by the end of the show. Imagine how good they look fully settled in. Also ready to go are pics from the Cherry Shrimp class. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks to a massive effort of the team from Shrimp Club Victoria, and their sponsors, this first national championship was a great success. It was great to see all the beautiful shrimp on display, but also nice to meet a few more people including some awesome interstate travelers. Special thanks to you guys for making the effort to come down. I hope the championship next year is even bigger and judging by the success and great vibe of this one, I think that's a certainty. Congratulations to all the entrants and especially prize winners. Anyway I know you're all waiting to see the photos, so here goes. "Blue Dream" Neocaridina davidi First time I'd actually seen this strain. Wow! "Fire Red" Neocaridina davidi Wow again! "Orange Rili (Blue Body)" Neocaridina davidi "Chameleon Shrimp" Caridina sp. NT4 Such a beautiful Australian native species. I really like this pic even if those out-of-focus highlights are just horrible. The rest is good IMO. "Black Crystal / Bee Shrimp (CBS)" Caridina logemanni "Red Crystal / Bee Shrimp (CRS)" Caridina logemanni How's the legs on these things (especially the girl)? I must have liked them to show more than one photo, plus they were pretty well-behaved. "K14"grade CRS Caridina logemanni This line of shrimp are really lovely but weren't as well behaved as the last group. "Tangerine Tiger" Caridina mariae I was really taken with those Tangerine Tigers , they're even nicer in real life than I'd expected. There were a couple of tanks of them but no OEBT, strangely. You noticed how I've tried to apply the new Caridina names above? Sadly that's where it ends - I think everything else are probable to definite hybrids. "Fancy Tiger" Caridina hybrid Even though these guys were just little, they were already really striking. Hopefully there will be plenty more "Fancy Tigers" at the next championship! "Extreme" King Kong Shadow Pandas Wine Reds I'm going to wind it up there for now. There's only a few more pictures to go but they're of some of the loveliest shrimp, so make sure you keep looking.
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