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Found 3 results

  1. Pretty sure i spotted a hydra today. Thought it was a mutated limpet as i have many of those atm. But it had limbs that were moving and when i tried to squish it against the glass they retracted. Couldnt spot anymore after that. They mustve hitched a ride from the new anubias driftwoods. So so so stupid.. i just dunked them in cause i was in a rush ! And to add to that.. spotted nematodes just on the waterline. Anyone know where to source that 'internal parasite clear' in sydney ? Or know of any other cures that i can source in sydney immediately. These pests are unsightful !!! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, I really need some help with my tank, I left someone to take care of it while I was vacationing and it's been going downhill ever since. I have a relatively new planted fluval edge 12 gallon, shrimp only for now. My shrimp have been dying and now I have 1 berried female, 2-3 medium shrimplets, and 3 baby snails, unfortunately there are also: slithering white wormlike things (planaria?), 20 ish tiny (1-2 mm) hydras, tiny unknown nematodes, and numerous freshwater limpets. I don't know what I've done wrong to mess it up this bad and currently I'm thinking to move the remaining shrimp and snails to a smaller temporary tank and completely redo the larger one. Please help, any advice is welcome.
  3. morningdewdrops

    seed shrimp

    Hi guys! New to this forum, but have been shrimping for about a year noe . abouI i I have heaps of seed shrimp! And I know they are harmless to the shrimp, but they really give me the jitters jitters! Is there any ways that I can get rid of them or at least lower the numbers? Thanks heaps!heaps Nessa
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