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Found 2 results

  1. For the guys that keep orange eyes: what is your Ca:Mg ratio? Is it the 4:1 Ca:Mg ratio that @BlueBolts recommended in his blue bolt ideal water parameter post? Also, is there a consensus on the ideal pH to keep these little guys in? I have been having a few interesting colour-changing experiences with some of my shrimp. It might be good or bad depending on your outlook and I was hoping to gather a bit of data to ensure that something is not really off in my tank, even though the shrimp look happy. For those knowing their Calcium levels, please mention which test kit you use- I have been getting inconsistent testing levels from a few kits as most are designed for marine tank levels and I have found the Salifert test kit to be the most sensitive for testing freshwater shrimp parameters. I am flying in the dark here as literature is inconsistent and would appreciate some input from people out there to find out what your experiences are.
  2. I wanted to open up a topic about the actual physical colour in shrimp and find out what we know. I don't have any answers here, just questions, but hopefully it will start a discussion that might throw up some info or at least get us started. Years ago I was interested in Bettas, which have been bred to extremes, examined, dissected and generally studied for years now. One of the things I found particularly interesting was that the colours had been fairly clearly identified and that there were essentially four colour layers in a Betta. The layers were yellow layer (bottom layer), black layer, red layer and iridescent layer (top layer). The iridescent layer controls the blue colours, and comes in turquoise, steel and royal blue. The expression of traits in each of these layers and the way they overlay each other gives a phenomenal amount of variation in colour, and of course gives serious Betta breeders some valuable info about what to cull or introduce. Eg, anyone going for a yellow type should be culling anything with red because it will 'cover' the yellow. So that gets me thinking about shrimp. Everyone's breeding for particular colour expression, but has anyone with a microscope sat down and tried to figure out where the colour is and how it's showing up? Do we know whether the pigment is in one layer or several? Where does the pigment sit exactly? What do we know about the genetics of colour expression?
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