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Found 2 results

  1. Paul Minett

    Male Macros

    Here is 3 of my cool males showing off there impressive weapons. they are a very interesting shrimp to study yes they have some issues with personal space but seem to become more tolerant with each generation bred in the tank. I have a few more I still want to add but there is enough variety now to move to the next stage of research. Australiense Bullatum Jardini
  2. fishmosy

    Awesome shelves

    So as noted in the "flimsy shelves review", I was having trouble with the set-up sitting on a flimsy set of shelves. Last weekend I swapped over to the "Rack It" shelves from Bunnings - the thickest steel version which comes in black (which I used) or galvanized. I am super happy with this set-up and still kicking myself that I didn't use it to begin with. Its 1200 long BETWEEN the uprights, and 400 mm wide. All the shelves are fully adjustable to any height and you can have as many or as few shelves as you like without paying extra because all the pieces for the stand come separately. I went with four shelves. The set-up: Sorry for the blurry pics, I forgot to switch the camera from macro mode While setting up I stood in the center of one of the horizontal beams and it barely flexed. I lay down on the shelves and there was no movement. Only one minor issue/change: To get the bottom horizontal beam to sit on the bottom, you have to trim the bracket on the two ends of the two horizontal beams (and paint the bare metal to stop corrosion). This gives you an extra 50mm between the bottom shelf and the shelf above. I used an angle grinder to make the cuts and I had some paint left over from painting the mdf shelves (which you should also do otherwise they will swell if they get wet, and they will get wet being around tanks! ) which took about 20 mins total including dragging the angle grinder out of the cupboard and fitting a new blade. Cutting time was only 2mins for all four cuts. I think an extra 50mm is worth 20 mins of extra set-up time. Usual bracket Trimmed bracket
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