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Found 1 result

  1. Just set up a new study and decided a nice planted tank would suit it (with shrimp in it of course! ):) The idea is to go for something vibrant and colourful. Something like dutch colouring with bright greens and vivid reds. Gear: Mr Aqua 2ft low iron tank (600x305x320) Eheim 3e 350 filter Hydor inline heater Co2 through an ista regulator 3 x T5 light - still working out how to mount this one Going to lay the bottom down with benibachi powder and possibly some kind of light yellow/white border substrate around the tank. I quite like the contrast between the yellow substrate and the plants seen in Dantrasy's tank - http://imageshack.us/a/img706/2756/twk9.jpg. If I could get something going along those lines I'd be happy. hardscape: Heres where I am at so far. Help me out guys! softscapescape: not set yet, but I'm thinking a small java fern on the stem of the wood (will hide the joins in the wood pieces) Rotala Sp. Green in the background. Mini Pelia on the large rock and scattered on smaller rocks infront of the wood Something small and red? A few blyxa in the back behind the rock? This is my second aquascape, so I'm really quite new to the whole concept. Any and All advice is welcome (and needed)
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