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Found 1 result

  1. fishmosy

    "Bloody Mary" tank

    Finally gotten around to setting up a tank just for my red cherries (from chocolate parents, also known as Bloody Mary). I think the red colouration of these guys is much better/deeper than standard cherries. I've also added some Stenomelania cf. aspirans cone snails. I want the tank to be mostly black and green to contrast with the red of the shrimp. The tank is an Aqua One 1ft cube which was sold as a 'tadpole' set up, complete with lid, air pump and small sponge filter. I picked it up from my LFS for $45 at 'mates rates'. I added a 'garbage bag' to the back of the tank for a black background. Added Pisces Iron Sand as substrate. Its a black sand from New Zealand, supposedly made from lava rock (basalt?) so should be relatively inert. I'm using tap water for the shrimp boosted with Benibachi minerals to boost TDS to 180-200. I added a cycled sponge filter from another set-up and added the shrimp and snails after 24hrs when the temperature had equilibrated. I performed a cull when introducing the shrimp so I now have four females and one male in the tank, along with 6 snails. Here are some of the females the afternoon after they went into the tank, the male wouldn't pose. I'm not really happy with the rock. I plan on exchanging it out for a large piece of black lava rock. I also plan on adding more filtration, possibly a hang-on filter, but its not a necessity yet given there is only 5 shrimp in the tank so far.
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