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    • Blue Ridge
      Does anyone know if these are in print anywhere? They don't seem to print nearly enough copies to meet demand, issue after issue sells out and is gone forever.
    • Blue Ridge
      I wonder why that would be? I'd think an oak is an oak wherever it's growing. Perhaps a result of me leaving them in the sun? It's not a big issue, once they get soaked they become pliable and soft it's just a head scratcher...
    • Blue Ridge
      AFAIK, only crystal reds. FWIW, Rob at Flip imports the vast majority of his stock. Price of success, I suppose. He can't breed them fast enough to meet demand. He's very open about this and a great guy to deal with. But I wouldn't buy Caridina as imports when they can be had (much) cheaper home bred from a hobbyist. Mischlings might be a good way to go, you'll usually get a variety of black and red crystals F1, depending on what they were bred with. And they tend to be a little hardier like tigers, though still more fragile than most Neos.
    • Blue Ridge
      Thank you so much! I was trying to go through the standard settings menu, which is disabled. Fixed now!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Interesting to get a different perspective from someone who has sold them in the past!  I think we are very lucky in that we are a small country and there are always about 20 people (hobbyists mainly) selling on ebay and when I used to buy that way I never had a single death but they would always arrive in less than 24 hours so barely had time to get too stressed. The 2 recent orders for my new setup bees was from an online specialist and with that I got 1 DOA of the 18 so that's 'acceptable' to me, I think some have died when in the tank subsequently but there is no way of me knowing whether that was the shrimps or the tank as the tank is being a real pain in the ar*e this time for some bizarre reason. Thanks for your views. Simon