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Shrimp cube to be....

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Hello Squiggle

Yes' date=' I am very happy with my little shrimpies! :)

The only downside is that yellow shrimp are a bit hard to spot in between all the plants.

Definitely would not go for any high grade shrimp at the moment until I am a bit more experienced with my shrimp keeping skills. so anything looking red and stripy will do. ;)

Thanks for the tip with the toothbrush. Sounds good and I will try that later today. The stupid algae are so hard to grap with tweezers. :stupid:

Oh yes, and I problably should cut down on the light too (But then I can't see my shrimp :sorrow:)[/quote']

It's catch twenty two, seeing the shrimp vs algae growth, Doh! :dejection: With the toothbrush, make sure you don't scrub the algae off, just use it to pull the algae out of the plants & collect it :encouragement:

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    • Crabclaw
      Oh no it’s magnetic... could be a problem with my magnet cleaner. Although, depending on the attraction I could just use the mag cleaner for the top 3/4 of the tank and get a scraper or something for the bottom.
    • Crabclaw
      Ooh I just found a sand that looks almost perfect, it even comes in the right package size for my tank. https://www.aquaticsupplies.com.au/products/pisces-iron-sand It’s another Pisces & Oliver Knott creation; AquaIron. Says it doesn’t alter the KH/GH/pH/TDS etc. Only problem is it says it should not be added to established tanks due to... cloudiness?? What do u think about this one?  Thanks again for your guys’ help!
    • jayc
      I was hoping it wasn't the pisces brand. Oh well, cross that off my recommended list. Are you willing to try AquaLava by Oliver Knott? I know it's not cheap.   Maybe. Got a link or something to where you would buy this? Without going into a whole Geology session, it depends on what the composition of the volcanic sand was.  We get a lot of our Scoria from NZ, that is generally inert.      If you want to go with sand, generally, your choice is Bunnings play sand. However, since sand can be sourced from any quarry anywhere in Australia, there is no guarantee it is inert. You can only buy it and then test for changes to the water parameter.
    • Crabclaw
      Hey guys, just found an add for this website showcasing a cool-lookin native algae eating shrimp. https://algaeeatingshrimp.com.au/products/australian-algae-eating-shrimp Anyone heard of these before or own any? My interest was peaked by the claim that they eat hair-type algae, as I have some on my crypts and lace fern that I cannot remove. And for a price of $4 ea, and super easy parameters, they sound pretty doable!  Tell me more oh great SKFians! 😁 (or feel free to point me towards an already existing page) post-note: have you/do you keep these grubs? Seems like your sort of thing.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Agreed! I had a tank with this setup but it came with the sponge behind the slits. Try not to get too fine sponge as that will restrict the flow and block too quickly. You will need to keep clearing the sponge every now and again as well! Simon
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