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Shrimp cube to be....

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Hello Squiggle

Yes' date=' I am very happy with my little shrimpies! :)

The only downside is that yellow shrimp are a bit hard to spot in between all the plants.

Definitely would not go for any high grade shrimp at the moment until I am a bit more experienced with my shrimp keeping skills. so anything looking red and stripy will do. ;)

Thanks for the tip with the toothbrush. Sounds good and I will try that later today. The stupid algae are so hard to grap with tweezers. :stupid:

Oh yes, and I problably should cut down on the light too (But then I can't see my shrimp :sorrow:)[/quote']

It's catch twenty two, seeing the shrimp vs algae growth, Doh! :dejection: With the toothbrush, make sure you don't scrub the algae off, just use it to pull the algae out of the plants & collect it :encouragement:

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    • Lizzy
      Some photos I took yesterday
    • jayc
      Springs here, so maybe the shrimp are more active for breeding? Hope you are collecting the waste RO water for watering your plants.
    • Lizzy
      Bought an RO DI unit from FSA. Free postage and it arrived in 2 days. Very happy. The TDS pen arrived today so I got busy. For reference, I’m about 2 hours North of Sydney. Tap water: TDS 155-157. PH 7-7.2 RO water: TDS 0-1 (Remineralised to 150). PH 6.6 CRS tank water: TDS 198. PH 7-7.2 I siphoned a vey small amount of tank water and am in the process of drip feeding the RO water into the tank. I’ll do this method during water changes until the tank water PH is at 6.6 I guess.  Also found new born shrimplets yesterday and two more berried females. I haven’t seen any berried in about a month so I’m happy.
    • jayc
      But the shrimp will be thinking otherwise. Look at all that yummy brown diatom!
    • jayc
      I am old school like that too. I prefer the classics patterns/colours. And I try very hard to not create further hybrids. I want my CRS to be CRS. My tigers to be tigers. etc...   @kms, all the more to support the site and sign up as a paid member.   @Cesar, what's the deal now with the new forum update? Has the photo size limits been changed, and if so what is the max for regular members?
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