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Shrimp cube to be....

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Hello Squiggle

Yes' date=' I am very happy with my little shrimpies! :)

The only downside is that yellow shrimp are a bit hard to spot in between all the plants.

Definitely would not go for any high grade shrimp at the moment until I am a bit more experienced with my shrimp keeping skills. so anything looking red and stripy will do. ;)

Thanks for the tip with the toothbrush. Sounds good and I will try that later today. The stupid algae are so hard to grap with tweezers. :stupid:

Oh yes, and I problably should cut down on the light too (But then I can't see my shrimp :sorrow:)[/quote']

It's catch twenty two, seeing the shrimp vs algae growth, Doh! :dejection: With the toothbrush, make sure you don't scrub the algae off, just use it to pull the algae out of the plants & collect it :encouragement:

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great picture and love the shrimplets. Also pleased to hear it is all working so well! Do you now what the PH is of the new 20G tank? Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      That sounds great and pleased you have decided to go ahead. As you don't have any occupants in the tank at the moment it should be easy to get the tank parameters right by doing the planned water changes and add very little of the GH/KH+ until you have done the last large water change on Tuesday, that way it is easier to add the GH/KH+ to the level you want directly into the tank then - easier than finding it is over and having to get it down?  IF you were thinking of getting the shrimps from ProShrimp, they have quite a variety, bear in mind that there is postage cost only to a certain value (I think it is £35) so it may be better value to order a few more shrimps instead of paying the postage - if that makes sense??? If you are having them delivered Prohrimp or ebay you need to be home to sign/receive them obviously and IF using ebay MAKE SURE the seller is sending 'Express Delivery (Royal Mail Special Delivery (TM) 1:00 pm)'! Hopefully we will hear that everything has worked out well and all the hassle hasn't marred the experience.  Simon
    • Cesar
      Welcome to SKFA @DNTM_Shrimp_Breeders !
    • DNTM_Shrimp_Breeders
      I am sorry for some reasons the picture did not go through the last time 🙂 Also, I am cycling 3 more tanks for a new journey with Taiwan Bee shrimps 🙂
    • jayc
      If there are no shrimps in the tank, you can do a 100% water change with water that is adjusted to your liking with Salty shrimp GH/KH+.
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