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Shrimp cube to be....

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Hello Squiggle

Yes' date=' I am very happy with my little shrimpies! :)

The only downside is that yellow shrimp are a bit hard to spot in between all the plants.

Definitely would not go for any high grade shrimp at the moment until I am a bit more experienced with my shrimp keeping skills. so anything looking red and stripy will do. ;)

Thanks for the tip with the toothbrush. Sounds good and I will try that later today. The stupid algae are so hard to grap with tweezers. :stupid:

Oh yes, and I problably should cut down on the light too (But then I can't see my shrimp :sorrow:)[/quote']

It's catch twenty two, seeing the shrimp vs algae growth, Doh! :dejection: With the toothbrush, make sure you don't scrub the algae off, just use it to pull the algae out of the plants & collect it :encouragement:

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    • jayc
      Only anything smaller than a neon tetra. They are unlikely to catch them however. Bottom dwellers are most at risk. But if your pleco is larger than a neon tetra size, it should be fine. Just keep the Long Arm well fed.
    • Dave
      If you want some special local NT Shrimps, email me aqua.green(at)bigpond.com there are other small shrimps in the top end no one has tried.  If you can get me into Kakadu there are some really nice shrimps on and at the base of the Arnhem Land Escarpment. Many would be good in the aquarium trade.   Kakaducarididae_revision.pdf
    • nostone
      I have a question, I have some new Murray river long arm shrimp, does anyone have any experience about keeping these guys in a tank with fish? What sized fish will they try and eat? (Or better yet successful catch) I also have a new bristlenose pleco in the tank, they're a little slower and placid, will they eat him?
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great photo, and great to hear that this tank is still going 'OK' for now, hopefully with time it may just settle down on its own? I don't know the answers to your questions but I am eager (as I am sure you are as well) to see what happens next and what the babies look like!   Simon
    • Steensj2004
      Two berried tigers! 3/5 of the tigers are females, so it’s very likely that they bred with a black or red crystal. I don’t actually know what this means or what the mischlings will be? Will the only carry the tiger gene while producing crystals and tigers, or will the babies show fancy tigers markings?   Also, what determines how many eggs a female produces? One tiger has CONSIDERABLY more eggs. The on in this picture has about half as many eggs as the other...
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