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Thinking that Crystal Shrimp isn’t right for me..


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Hello, I was really wanting to get into Crystal shrimps but I’ve been having constant issues and I’m unsure if I wanna do something else because I can’t get everything set up.


for starters I live with my parents so they tend to do most of the temperature regulation and all that stuff we keep the house a steady 74 F the issue that my room gets pretty warm as I have a an enclosure for a ball python, saltwater tank and grow lights. I just currently checked my tanks were at a steady 80F, and sometimes dips around 76-80 (with no heater) when it wants to, I currently just moved the aquarium light higher up and see if that doesn’t anything, it’s on a glass top so I’m unsure if I should change it to no top.


I’ve been housing some of my crystals in my other tank with cherries but they are slowly dying one by one and don’t behave much as a shrimp (not grazing and staying at one spot) I try to change 10% with RO water and Salty Shrimp remineralizer keeping it around 100tds but my tank sits at a steady 230tds, I did not add any fluval stratum or buffering substrate to this tank. My KH always sits at 2 drops while my GH is 8 drops, a little over the recommended but still can’t get it to 1 no matter how much I try. 

Temperature changes too much around the house if I don’t use a heater so I’m not sure if that’s the cause of the slow deaths, I tried using a heater but it constantly stays at 78.8F using the very lowest setting, I don’t wanna use more power such as an portable AC, if this doesn’t work on my new tank then I might just have to stick with neos, any tips would be helpful.






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26 minutes ago, Avctasi said:

I try to change 10% with RO water and Salty Shrimp remineralizer keeping it around 100tds but my tank sits at a steady 230tds,

What else is in your tank? If you don't have substrate, are you using something else? And are there rocks in there that would keep the TDS at 230?

Is it a bare bottom tank? When was the last time you cleaned filter media?

TDS is measuring dissolved solids. So something is dissolving into the water column. This can be rocks reacting to acidity in the water, or waste breaking down, decaying food, plants, or even fertilisers. 

Your GH at 8 is higher than I would keep Crystals in. I aim for at most 6 GH.


26 minutes ago, Avctasi said:

I did not add any fluval stratum or buffering substrate to this tank.

Buffering substrate will help bring KH below 2. 

So that is something you might want to consider.


26 minutes ago, Avctasi said:

I just currently checked my tanks were at a steady 80F, and sometimes dips around 76-80 (with no heater)

Keeping a Crystal shrimp tank in a warm room probably doesn't help when you are trying to keep the water cool. Can you move the tank to another part of the house that is not so warm?

Shrimps prefer colder water. So they can go without a heater unless the water drops below 16degC.

All my Caridina shrimp are in tanks that don't go above 22degC or 72F.

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Putting the crystal shrimp in with neocaridina (cherr) means the setup will benefit one type more than the other and it looks like the tank is better suited to neocaridina. Neocaridina are more robust anyway, caridina are a lot more sensitive and therefore harder to keep. The parameters quoted are definitely off for caridina and better suited to the neocariidina! I'm sure that that is the reason for the deaths.

You shouldn't need a heater if the house sits arount 74F (and it is unlikely to get so cold that it would kill your shrimp, especially with the other heat sources in the room) and the crystals would be ok at that sort of temperature, though the 80F is getting a bit warm for them, whereas neocaridina would be less affected by that higher temperature. Of course you also need to bear in mind how hot it will get during a really hot spell as even if they are doing well normally, if you even get a few days of over 80+ (in the aquarium though, not necessarily room temperature) that could wipe them out.

You could try tiger shrimps as they are almost as tough and robust as cherry shrimps and require similar water parameters, and give a bit of variety? I'm not sure that I would try the caridina in your position due to the difficulty of keeping them and the extra costs involved, when it probably won't work?


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Thank you both for your help, my newer tank that doesn’t have anything does have stratum and is heavily planted (some carpet plants like Monte Carlo, anubis, java ferns), parameters are good the only issue is the temp change.  My other tank where they are housed currently has sand, river stone pebbles, and a bunch of assorted plants (java moss, cabomba, ludwigs etc) 

I haven’t thought of doing tiger shrimps but I may go into that route instead if this doesn’t work for crystals. Thank you guys again!


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    • jayc
      If that is the offspring, then the parents are unlikely to be PRL. I tend to agree with you. There are very few PRLs in Australia. And any that claim to be needs to show proof. PRL genes have to start as PRL. CRS that breed true after x generations doesn't turn it into a PRL. Neither can a Taiwan bee shrimp turn into a PRL despite how ever many generations. I've never seen a PRL with that sort of red colour. I have on Red Wines and Red Shadows - Taiwan bee shrimps. So somewhere down the line one of your shrimp might have been mixed with Taiwan bees and is no longer PRL. It just tanks one shrimp to mess up the genes of a whole colony. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Sorry, missed this one somehow! The PRL look fantastic and the odd ones look part PRL and part Red wine/Red shadow in the colour. They are still very beautiful but ideally should be seperated to help keep the PRL clean if you can do that.  Nice clear photos!
    • GtWalker97
      Hi SKF!   So I bought some PRL (or at least they were sold as such. These claims are dubious in Australia as people don't know much about the genetics, nor do they care as long as they can make a quick buck). After 8 generations of breeding true, I'm having around 1 in 200 throw a much darker red. They almost look like Red Shadows, but I don't know too much about those types of hybrid. Can anyone help with ID'ing the gene?   TIA (First 2 pics are the weird throws, second photo is their siblings and the last photo is the parents)
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thanks for taking the time to do the update and photo. Very pleased to hear it is now going so well. Different plants have different requirements so you need to check they will thrive/survive with the setup, light requirement/co2 etc or just get more of what you have, there are various Anubias if you want some variety. The number of shrimp shouldn't affect what plants do well! Maybe just get one plant at 6 month intervals and have another go, things change in time and you don't need many in a small tank, and the ones you already have will grow over time as well. Good to hear you got rid of the scuds, I did the same, manual removal when I had them, but I caught it quite quickly and only had substrate in the tank!
    • Gael
      Maybe it’s time to give some feedback. I forgot the time I could see only 2 shrimps, since then the population has grown so much that I gave 30 of them a couple of months ago. Then again now I think the population went over 120 and I am giving again about 70 of them. Not sure why they died in the beginning, maybe they were quite old. They were fairly big! Or it was the planaria? I got rid of them and scuds. The second one was not easy. It was out of control so I emptied all the shrimp population from the tank and poured sparkling water for a couple of hours. Some scuds survived that! But eventually they disappeared in some weeks after manual removal each time I could see one. My only problem is that plants dont go well anymore.  xmass moss, dwarf hair grass and anubia nana go very well but other plants progressively died. (Not suddenly) - Is it due to shrimp over population? - the sparkling water treatment ?  - i can’t see other issue, i provide generous lighting, co, fertilizer (in soil and in water). I have a bit of algae but under control. 
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