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S3 Aquatics

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Hi! We are new to this forum and hope this association can benefit all.


To introduce us, we are a wholesale distributor in Atlanta servicing local aquatic stores. Although we don't sell retail we can trade to strengthen both our genetic lines. 


We currently stock/breed/raise a number of Neocaridina's, Taiwan Bees (King Kong/Panda's, Blue Bolts, Crystals, Rili's, and Pinto's), Indian Zebra Babaulti's, Vietnamese Tangerine Tiger's, we are working on a line of BOA's, and Sulawesi Dennerli (Cardinals, Yellow Cheek, and White Orchid). We also breed snails - Mystery, MTS, and Rabbit. The mosses we propagate are Subwassertang, Java, and Christmas.


I'm looking forward to learning new techniques, products and ideas to make our hobby stronger!

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