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Brand new to shrimp keeping


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Good evening fellow enthusiasts! I am very new to this hobby and have a silly question. I recently purchased some Bloody Mary shrimp from a breeder and found in my tank this week this ! It seems the bloody Mary’s are red rili or bred with red rili before I got them but what is this blue with yellow ?? Should it be culled ?

thanks for any help !4711C57E-C39D-466B-AF65-A201F8A7FF93.thumb.jpeg.1031e230fa2a45bd223c777896de4892.jpeg

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Yeah, those don't look like bloody marys that's for sure.

The clear one is probably a very low quality rilli. If you don't want it breeding and diluting the gene pool in your tank, than culling it should be the answer.

P.S. - Welcome to SKFA!

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Those 2 shrimps are 'normally' probably culls, the slightly blue one could be a poor quality blue jelly? If you are not too bothered at this stage it may be worth keeping them in the tank for a period (maybe 6 months as a dummy run) and then when you are more confident everything is runninng well with the setup, and the tank is more settled/mature, then cull these shrimps and get a better batch? With neocaridina there will always be a need to keep on top of culling poorer colour/quality, even if you start with 100% top quality/colour from the start.

The yellow on the 'bluish' shrimp is the saddle full of eggs (unfertilized). The other shrimp is also carrying eggs, but underneath so is further along (hopefully fertilized).

Did you get any good quality/colour shrimps or were they all cull quality, and how many did you get? I assume you got them through the post?

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