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CRS not breeding


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Hi All,

Tank has been up and running for a good 6/7 months , i had an issue where i had to swap them to another tank and they've only recently went back into there original tank.

I've managed to get one set of crystal red shrimp some how but lately there has been no breeding activity at all, can't even see the females with her eggs.

The only issue with my parameters is that the tds is close to 170, i've recently just removed about 5/6litres and started to drop demin water back into the tank to lower the tds.

Am i missing anything or does anyone have any tips that could help?



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Did the first set of babies from the CRS thrive/survive or did any die off?

Caridina can stop breeding in certain areas of the world in winter, I had this, where are you based? I think it is to do with atmospheric preasure, not temperature!

The only other time I had problems of this type with breeding was before I started using remineralised RO water, but was using tap water, I occassionally got a few babies but they died within a few weeks, and adults didn't last long either?

Are you sure you have both male and female shrimps in the tanks, they have to be around 6 months old to breed I believe!

The TDS isn't that far off ideal that I would think that would be a problem. Caridina are a lot more delicate than neocaridina so they have to be settled and unstressed as well as ideal water parameters so moving them between tanks could also cause them to pause breeding until they settle down again. 

Do you have a full set of water parameter figures PH/TDS/GH/KH, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia? When you did the treatment in the tank you might have upset the 'cycle'?

Are you using CO2?

Sorry for the slow reply. 


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      Midges are cosmopolitan.  Bloodworms are commonly of the genus Chironomus.. and fun-fact the red colour is haemoglobin which binds oxygen (as it does in our blood) allowing midge larvae to live in low oxygen environments like the sludge in the bottom of a fish-food bucket. https://www.naturespot.org.uk/species/chironomus-plumosus
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      I think the fins will healquite quickly if they do get damaged, it just looks a bit worrying to the owners eye! Simon
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      See, that’s the kind of conciseness in a post that I completely lack 😂 Yeah I’ve also heard it can be. Luckily no damaged fins, besides a teeny tiny tear in one of Tessa’s fins. 
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