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CRS not breeding


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Hi All,

Tank has been up and running for a good 6/7 months , i had an issue where i had to swap them to another tank and they've only recently went back into there original tank.

I've managed to get one set of crystal red shrimp some how but lately there has been no breeding activity at all, can't even see the females with her eggs.

The only issue with my parameters is that the tds is close to 170, i've recently just removed about 5/6litres and started to drop demin water back into the tank to lower the tds.

Am i missing anything or does anyone have any tips that could help?



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Did the first set of babies from the CRS thrive/survive or did any die off?

Caridina can stop breeding in certain areas of the world in winter, I had this, where are you based? I think it is to do with atmospheric preasure, not temperature!

The only other time I had problems of this type with breeding was before I started using remineralised RO water, but was using tap water, I occassionally got a few babies but they died within a few weeks, and adults didn't last long either?

Are you sure you have both male and female shrimps in the tanks, they have to be around 6 months old to breed I believe!

The TDS isn't that far off ideal that I would think that would be a problem. Caridina are a lot more delicate than neocaridina so they have to be settled and unstressed as well as ideal water parameters so moving them between tanks could also cause them to pause breeding until they settle down again. 

Do you have a full set of water parameter figures PH/TDS/GH/KH, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia? When you did the treatment in the tank you might have upset the 'cycle'?

Are you using CO2?

Sorry for the slow reply. 


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    • JarryPatyson
      My parents have an aquarium, so I don't know if this will help, but still want to leave a suggestion. They also liked the idea of installing a light strip in it, so they started looking on amazon. I don't know what went wrong, but it broke on the fifth day of use. I think it was a cheap Chinese thing (although the website told me it was waterproof and durable). They asked me for help finding a better option, and I advised them of the smart LED multi-color light strips I used in my car. Being pretty skeptical, my dad still decided to try them. They have been working fine for a month now and don't even flicker. Mom says the fish are happy, lol. I hope my comment was helpful
    • jayc
      It's not looking good. Quarantine any shrimp showing Necrosis, as it can be infectious. Tell us what your water parameters are, and do a heavy water change after that. Increase surface agitation to get more oxygen into the water. A bit of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into the water to increase oxygen might also help the shrimps that have not yet contracted this.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Sorry to see you have a problem. Try reading the section on 'muscular necrosis' in the below section. You will need to scroll down through it until you see the bold red heading of that description (it is quite a large article covering many problems etc, it is about the 5th item on the first page);   I don't have any personal experience of this but do ask any questions as someone may be able to help. A bit more general info may also  help, your setup, number of shrimps, how long you have had the shrimps, any water parameters you may have etc?
    • supershrimpme
      Hello, I was wondering if anyone here had any first-hand information on these particular pictures. It describes exactly what a few of my shrimp have. The second picture is spot on and most accurate. Thanks
    • Crabby
      #4 looks almost like a juvenile female to me, just looking at the abdomen in the top left image, but definitely looks more male in the other two images. The colour suggests it is an adult though, and it’s lacking a clear  so Simon is probably right in thinking it is male, that top left image is just confusing me a bit. If you’re going to get a female, to be sure, make sure it’s got an obvious yellow saddle. That’ll help you know it’s mature as well.
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