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Lucban exploring


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Hi all, it looks like its been some time since someone posted on here. But even so, i proudly would like to present some pics of wild finds in my hometown.

So i live in a town called Lucban in the province of Quezon and this town is in a hilly/mountainous area which is a ways a way from the nearest coast. The bodies of water there have a higher pH and i guess thats what i could say for now so here's some pics:

P.s. There's a lot more areas to explore and these are just some of them. I hope in the future i get to share some more...



Some emersed java mossIMG20200301140826.thumb.jpg.e2aa083a7b33c43805b5977907c67fbd.jpg

a nerite-like shell though im not aware if any nerites inhabit the place





I came upon these guys between rocks and it looked as if though they were avoiding the current. I believe these are caridina like some I caught in a different place.

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Thanks for the pictures, it looks lovely, as I sit here with my jumper half way up my face as it is chilly over here, and nowhere near as green as there. Lovely clear water also!

You can see why the shrimps are brown as it is very good camouflage against the brown substrate? If they weren't on the rock you wouldn't see them at all?


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