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Temperature Controller


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If you want to avoid heaters being stuck on and overheating the tank or failing and not heating, then you need a Temperature Controller Thermostat.

 ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller thermostat


I have one of these, clearly the plug type is for AU since I'm in Australia.

I use one of these for single tanks or in sumps.

The thermostat is placed in the tank to keep track of your tank's temps. The controller controls power to the "Heating" or "Cooling" power plugs. You are no longer reliant on buggy heater thermostats. With this unit, you can use the cheapest heater and feel safe in the knowledge that it will never cook your fish or shrimps.

Your heater is plugged into the socket labelled "heater". Preset the controller to turn on heating when temps are below, say 20deg C and turn off at, say 24 degC. 

You can plug a chiller or a fan into the socket labelled "Cooling" as well. 



I bought this off ebay from Inkbird https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/inkbirdau?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

They even have a wifi version now for control over your smartphone.

A quick search on ebay for the keywords " ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat" brings up the same controller in various different plug types that will fit what you use in your own country.

It costs roughly as much as a medium quality heater here in Aus. BUT it's cheap insurance knowing that I will never cook my fish or shrimps. To offset the cost of this controller, I can now buy the cheapest heaters off ebay and still be confident that I won't overcook the tank's inhabitants. 


Other uses:

More over you can use it to control fish room temps as well, it's not limited to measuring water in tanks. 

Turn on/off AC or fans or room heaters.

People use it for home brewing. There are so many practical uses.



Note: there is a very similar temp controller called the STC-1000, but this unit requires you to add your own cabling. Whereas the Inkbird is a lot more convenient.


Hopefully this helps someone and their pets.

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