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    • Wilbergz
      Sourced off reddit.    Basically same thing, seen another post with similar conclusions as non harmful just collected some stuff. Probably bio enhancers
    • Wilbergz
      Doesn't seem its any of those. Had this tank going with fish for about almost 3 weeks? Its just one crayfish with about 24 tetras (different kinds) ph is 7.4 ammonia 0 nitrate 0 nitrite 0 until this week  ammonia is .25. Did a 10% water change added bio enhancer stuff. He seems like hes still normal eating chasing everyone. He hasn't molted since I've had him or at least I havent noticed.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I think I may just be able to see it and it 'looks like' a sort of fungus? Try going through this post and see if you can identify it from that? https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/5052-shrimp-diseases-and-diagnosis/ More details of the setup may also help, how long has it been running (I am guessing not too long as it is ultra clean gravel etc), how long have you had the crayfish, are their any other occupants in the tank, water source/parameters etc etc?? Simon
    • Subtlefly
      Ok so a further edit - I have been talking to a high quality tank maker in Brisbane and am leaning toward getting a custom tank made - rimless, starfire low iron glass, polished edges, as close to ADA quality as humanly possible.  Using Dennison from Mary's Aquarium in Bris.  Final dimensions would be 900x400x200 mm which would come in at 72 litres. Price is actually great compared with what the ADA 90F was going to cost!  Even with using an ADA 60F my original budget was probably a little wishful thinking, but if I am only going to do this once I really want to get an amazing aquascape going.  Still really interested in your thoughts about lighting, filtration and anything else you can think of!   At the moment the thinking is filtration will be eheim classic 150 or ecco pro 130 (considerations are quiet and energy efficient) Lighting I would like to go for 1x Kessil A160 located high (I know Kessil says this will not be enough but for no CO2 I feel that it might be) or 2 x Kessil A80 (this is what Kessil recommends for a tank of this size - I wrote to them when I was looking at the 900x300x200 ADA tank) - I really like the pendant style of hanging light - (and the shimmer) any other recommendations on lighting welcome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jaw02PY5ya4  Here is a 60F lit by Kessil A160 and there seems to be heaps of overlap for a larger tank? Thanks team and have a great day - interested in your thoughts!
    • Wilbergz
      Basically at the rear of his head shell
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