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    • beanbag
      Hello folks, I have a Taiwan Bee tank running for several months now, and generally things are ok.  Most of the shrimp are going around and grazing, especially the juvies which are about 6 months old by now.  However, over the last few months, I suspect the tank has something slightly off where there isn't enough biofilm and algae growth, and overall the "bacterial activity" seems kind of low.  The evidence  for this is: The wad of peacock moss is very branched and growing quickly, so maybe sucking up all the nutrients?  I trimmed it back just 3 weeks ago, but it already grew back. Nitrates are always stuck at zero.  No fertilizers added. DHG, MC, and S. Repens are stunted and yellowing. Driftwood is sparkling clean. Nothing grows on the HMF sponge, and so shrimp don't graze there Stuff (algae) doesn't seem to grow on the walls anymore. IAL don't start breaking down until 3+ months later, despite 10 minute boil.  Shrimp don't graze on it much. Occasionally the adult shrimp will "take the afternoon off", where it seems they get bored of grazing and just stand around.  But then if I add food they quickly come over. Current batch of baby shrimp survival rate seems really low.  Maybe because they are starving? "Dead" things like mulm or dead algae (from a H2O2 treatment) or leaves don't break down and just persist.   At the moment, the tank gets about 10 hrs of light per day of "medium" intensity.  I think if I turn up the lights more, I'll start to get hair algae. Maybe start dosing fertilizer? Maybe add something like Dr Tim's Eco balance?  (Probiotic bacteria)  A few months ago I tried adding Waste Away (waste-removing bacteria) which immediately killed off a few baby shrimp, so I won't do that anymore.  Uhh, but I guess there's still Seachem Pristine (does the same thing)? Anyway, the goal is to have a tank that grows visible algae - the kind that shrimp actually eat.  Sort of like what I see in tanks where they have a "wall of algae" full of shrimps grazing, or where shrimps are grazing on the sponge filter.  Also, where the IAL breaks down quickly and shrimp are actually eating away at it. Feeding schedule for a 5 gal tank with about 15 shrimp: About 2mm worth from a shrimp pellet 3x per week.  about 1 square inch of mulberry or spinach 2x per week.  Dab of Bacter AE, about the size of half a grain rice, 3x per week.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Have you tested the parameters of the water? There isn't much we can help with without those basic figures? Usually tap water works with neocaridina shrimp but your water may be too hard! If there were DOA then the others may also be sick or weakened so some may die soon after they are put in to the tank. When you get a shrimp deivery you should drip acclimate them over as many hours as possible. Were they delayed in transit do you think which caused the doa? Simon
    • jayc
      $17.70 from somewhere in Doncaster. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Premium-Digital-PH-Meter-TDS-Tester-Aquarium-Pool-SPA-Water-Quality-Monitor/183545057092?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2abc234f44:g:jCQAAOSwmUBb84nm&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkQx4eKMLcQ60WhxX7q%2FYuceAZ9JJgYX96VopkOnpOvxtk5Xz4XpY4%2FCjMA%2FuznauEkarUDiXqUelzOVkqtgJiZfjGlFiJa%2FXDwfVDmx9XERDAZiCzxufDGAW%2FSSs%2BaCJJGCOJbvirdptFP%2F2A27xllGJqy1VtFqa6EezJF35T2meFPAxYu9bidEGbNR4ExkoPjrrQk%2BDFIjrNB9GyAVpFST%2F38vbUF8%2BCNFL4PGWS0L2htaiENPiOEaKv9%2FAMJz8TsORyeXtG%2F6O%2FlUNMO7gD69cyPZ%2FPJ2XCPeHg9X2adQXx5dlnIMvJylTWmaXDLwik%2B3ZC0glP%2FVxbIMGO5bXHVHNWzkXQ8sRA%2B5fT95NLzi7AC3Iov4b%2BJIoHTIcOYQvwurMoMUhxZPAGs8Zmn4MlIufnuecS0gMjlNR%2FNzvtf2Bw46ZikHOM%2Bk8SpKmLio9%2BmBtqQeSyfB9scdVm4RTmP%2FA8WcsnhSwnJtXdLeMMhhYxwrIIaS1fjXzQ7oTEQdJLWS18v%2F1Pc7oi1n45BBX0inCimAV8393nNxjgMoUzsj8Ms4trllWRuZ%2Bs%2BwlqxacIGOoSXEczjdtn6vFewA04GEzPUMmI26V%2FzCCoZngFyiZMyJQj152hBwkSmoPQW%2Ft2425mSzEJAp3ozmBzpBhjaB0Mhx6haa1Qja5dG8mCbYFOnVXKyrGL204PvIWCSdN6kZrrf8otHUzUOIKHw%2FrUfNFzd1FidZjub57NyRtc%2BIvIxer%2BQhFNNNWXSKtB%2BC5T|cksum%3A183545057092d2e3c02090fb4bf2906955691eb13696|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2045573&frcectupt=true
    • wtusa1783
      The tank is cycled. It’s been set up for a month now and I’ve been dosing some bacter ae every day to create biofilm. I tested for ammonia and nitrites and they were 0 before adding the shrimp. Nitrates were 10. I only had snails in the tank before the shrimp so that’s why there isn’t a bunch of gunk. I thought Neocaridina shrimp needed harder water? I had 5 D.O.A. so maybe it still is having affects from that. 
    • WaldoDude
      https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383203322241 Here you go @Crabby didn't realise there was a timer but you have 44 minutes!   I decided to go with it cause it was the cheapest I found and figured I could use it for my new 15 gallon!    Thank you for the tips but yes I am going to try removing the stones and see how my tap water goes first, whilst I wait for my ro unit and get used to using it for my 15 gallon.
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