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How often are people getting blondes showing up in their endler fry?


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The blonde endler is a very elusive trait I have found, and I have recently been doing my own investigation into why they pop up. I keep a variety of endlers, but one variety I keep has been the focus of my efforts - my colony of pink endlers. I have come to my own conclusion that a pink endler can begin as a chilli, just with a little bit of the platinum trait thrown in to the mix as well (not so much as to have the metal-head or a fully platinum body, though). However, the finding I have been most proud of in this colony are the varying degrees of blonde that can be found. There are some 100% blonde fish (which are very rare), about 50% blondes (less rare but still very uncommon) and varying degrees of others until you eventually get to the "normal" pigmented fish which make up the majority of the population. I have found the blonde trait to be seen easiest in females (of all ages) and newly-birthed young. 

I'll go into some more details and upload photos later today. 

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@NoGi Most of my blonde pink endlers haven't taken to kindly to the winter... but I've got a couple left so I'll see what I can do a bit later today.

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