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Please Diagnose (RCS)

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Hey everyone,

I noticed this the other day on my RCS, a little white grain that was stuck on its head. 

Does anybody know what this is?

cheers! IMG_4291.thumb.JPG.4b67df2356edcc134a492

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That picture isn't very clear,  do you have a closer macro shot? 

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thanks for your reply jayc, 

that was the only photo i had of the cherry, although not to worry, its been a few weeks and none of my other shrimp have had the case above, so i'm happy.

I was just curious to see if anyone here knew what it was

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Wonder if its part of the carapace that hasn't been shed properly? Or just starting to shed? 

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      By MaNieAk
      Hello all
      I have a small setup ( for now :) , 2 x 60L both with internal filter system
      In one i keep PRL , benibachi x hakata , not the most beautifull ones in the beginning
      but it seems to be getting allot better lately
      The other tank is a ''mixed tank '' containing the following :
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      I have been having some trouble with my water parameters after over dosing on a product a few months ago.
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      Tank 2's WP is Ph7.2 gh11 kh3 Ca60 and the TDS is 215~ Currently the MG:Ca ratio is 1.29 - This is my OEBT tank
      Ideally I want tank 1 to be gh5 kh1 and Mg:Ca ratio 3.5 - I was thinking to do this is to add pure RO water to lower the tds some more then add more GH until the ratio is where I want it. My question is there a better way to get this ratio and what do i use to raise gh?
      Ideally I want tank 2 to be gh 7-8 and kh 3-4 with the Mg:Ca around 3.5. This is the tank that  had the most issues and I lost quite a lot of OEBTs at one stage. I think I have got the WP at a stage where they are surviving and breeding again but I would like to get it a little better for them. I just need some help/instruction to get it there properly. 
      I know in both tanks I need to increase the Mg but I dont want the overall Gh to increase or the TDS. I am also not sure the correct product to buy to increase the mg safely. What I have been doing is add RO remineralised with Salty shrimp at a lower tds then what the tank was every water change to slowly bring my tds down. 
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    • Disciple
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      Ok people time to make history we will start with a simple one for this we just need a yes or no answer we will define the term pure as it will relate to shrimp this is only single gene line shrimp no hybrids ie tibee, pinto, misch etc. Going forward in our hobby pure in reference to shrimp will mean the following any shrimp that produces and has produce all offspring of the same genetic make up as the parents for 3 or more generations shall be deemed pure.
      These are some interesting responses that we have had.
      1. Yes! But I'm not okay with just 3 generations to call it pure. As I told earlier in another discussion, I've been getting only crs offspring in my crs only tank for the past 2 years until now(2 golden bees after more than 10+ generations approx, meantime no new shrimps were added in the past 1.5 years)
      2. Perhaps the term "true-breeding" (or pure-breeding) is more useful than pure, most if not all these things are hybrids after all. There are no wild species that correspond to a Taiwan/Shadow bee, for example. The true breeding stability comes from dilligent selection and line breeding for a given trait until no other traits occur. That's the hard part of the work and down to the quality of the breeder.
      3. Well pure means pure, not 80<90 %.
    • GotCrabs
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      Mum bought some plants for her Guppy tank and one of them I'm unsure of what it is, it was sold as Blyxa but I am certain it isn't, it's too upright and some what hard, unlike the soft, lightly bent leaf of a Blyxa, any ideas of what it is anyone? It's growing quite well and I actually don't mind it either.

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      This thing is going out of controll in my tank. What plant is it?

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    • Steensj2004
      I am. I’ve looked at a few vendors. I ha w a buddy ordering from Aqua Huna in a few weeks, but I honestly don’t know if them import or tank breed. I know Flip tank breeds, he’s from my home state. I don’t know, but I have time to decide. I’m in no hurry.  Does the vendor you’re talking about sell only reds, or does he have other colors?
    • Blue Ridge
      I will consider it. I have an agreement with my wife that $100 a month each is our hobby allowance, and am behind on that by the tune of 6 months already at the moment. Patreon's and forum subscriptions count towards that so it may be a bit unless I sell some stuff (which is likely). I've owned a message board and been a moderator on several and understand server costs and the work that goes into these endeavors and particularly the difficulty of breaking even now that so many folks just use Reddit, FB, Instagram and so forth. It's a tough balance to give member perks to paid subscribers and not leave the nonpaying majority feeling like they can't enjoy the full forum. I admin'ed a corn snake forum where the owner decided to not allow nonpaying people have the ability to edit posts, and it resulted in a ton of members not sticking around -and the downfall of it being a popular place to post. I think to this day the most popular thread on that site is titled, "Show us you pets," and the site owner would not let me fix the typo. (insert roll eyes emoji) All of this to say that I understand restricting some privileges for non-paying folks, as well as the potential for free members not sticking around that it can have. For the time being, I will mark forums messages as spam to keep my phone from alerting me all day and hopefully kick a few bucks a month your way later on. I love international forums regarding our hobbies and the different approaches that seem to be regional and think these can enrich us all! Cheers, and thanks for the explanation. 
    • jayc
      I believe those settings are only enabled for paid subscribers.  Consider supporting the forum,  your knowledge and experience will be most welcome here.    Just checking that you are clicking the "Notification Settings" as per the image below right?
    • Blue Ridge
      I was wanting to change my settings so that I do not get an email alert every time there's a reply or reaction to a post. Is this something that is disabled for new members?
    • Blue Ridge
      You're in the US, no? There's a guy on another forum who breeds nice CRS and sells them for $1 each +actual shipping. Home bred, hardy and beautiful shrimp with lots of positive feedback. Not sure of rules regarding crossposting, so will hold off for now, but if rules allow I'll post a link. Or PM me when you are ready. He's had this colony for years, so no need to rush. I only mention this because most vendors sell imports for between $5-10 each.