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    Caridina zebra (Black & White Caridina Zebra Shrimp)

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    C. zebra is found predominantly in the head waters of the Barron rv, Tully rv, Johnston rv and the Herbert rv on the Atherton table lands. There is also a population in the Tully gorge and no doubt in other lowland locations, these places are inaccessible for the most part because of the rugged terrain and dense forest. They are a rain forest shrimp and die out on disturbed creeks, most likely from siltation that occurs when they are disturbed.

    Average environmental tests from April to October upper Tully gorge

    Air temp 25

    Humidity 60%

    Water temp 21.6

    PH 7

    KH 0

    GH 0

    Under water visibility 3mt+

    Flow rate: 1 to 2 mt pr second

    Microsiemens 35

    PPM 18

    Height above sea level from 40 meters to 300 meters

    No flood readings taken, the access is too dangerous in the wet.

    Readings October/ November and March/ April

    Air temp 30c

    Humidity 85%+

    Water temp high flow (not flood) 18c

    Water temp low flow 26c

    PH 7.4 av

    KH 0

    GH 0

    Under water vis even in high flow (not flood) 2mt+

    Flow rate 3mt pr second

    Microsiemens 10

    PPM 8

    Height above sea level from 40 to 300 mts.

    These undisturbed rain forest streams run clear even in flood.

    There are times of the year when the PH will fall to 6.4 or there about. This is caused by the massive leaf drop at the start of the wet season and the accumulation of leaves from the previous season. The first flood washes the leaf litter away.

    These are all personal observations and tests taken by myself.

    I have some of the scientific info to add as well like, who described them where they were found and if interested some of the DNA work.

    Bob (northboy)



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    These would have to be my favorite shrimp & would love to have a go at keeping these one day. But being down in Vic I don't like my chances.

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