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    BossAquaria's 'How To' Ship Shrimp Successfully. 100% live arrival guarantee

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    This is the shipping method I use when I ship expensive/ sensitive shrimp.

    Total cost is about $18-$20 max.

    Things you need:

    1. Foam Box.

    2. Kordon Breather bags.

    3. Filter wool or mat.

    4. Rubber bands.

    5. Sticky tape.

    6. Packing material of any kind.

    7. Express post satchel. (large)

    8. Shrimp.

    9. Some moss of any kind.




    Step 1

    Get your foam box ready.

    Cut some filter mat or use filter wool, and line the inside of the foam box. This is done to make sure there is a aerated space around the Kordon breather bag to ensure it can do its job effectively. This also acts as a cushion for the Kordon bag to absorb some of the bumps along the way.


    Step 2

    Catch your shrimp to be shipped and place them in the Kordon breather bag with a little moss for them to hold onto and also they can have a feed on this while they are travelling. Place the rubber band around the top to keep the bag secure and from leaking. Remember that you don't need to leave air in the Kordon Breather Bags as this only allows sloshing which can hurt the shrimp.


    Step 3

    Place The Kordon Breather bag with shrimp inside the foam box, on top of the filter mat / wool and then cover the Kordon bag.


    Step 4

    Fill the rest of the empty space around and on top of the Filter mat/wool with some sort of packing material that will keep the bag from moving around. I use anything I have lying around at the time from parcels I have received etc; you can use newspaper or plastic, anything that will keep the bag in its place firmly.


    Step 5

    Place the lid onto the foam box and use tape to seal around the joint between the box and the lid. This keeps the foam box spill proof and air tight. Then tape over the top of the box all the way around the box to keep the lid secure and tight.


    Step 6

    Place the foam box inside the large express post satchel and seal. Complete shipping address and send.


    Now if you follow these steps you can not fail and will never have to worry about replacing dead shrimp!

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