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Wabi Kusa

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Has anyone here on the forum played around with their own Wabi Kusa? Be interested in seeing photos and how you did it if so, taking a slight interest in it, seen some great looking set ups online.

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    • jayc
      You know the deal Kingo, post pics of your shrimp eating it.
    • Baccus
      I saw a post for blue glass shrimp on a certain online fish selling site and wondered if anyone else had seen them or even purchased them? I was pretty certain the only time glass shrimp go red or blue is stress induced. And when I looked at the supplied photo the shrimp appears white bodied under the blue. Is my suspicion on the health of the shrimp correct? Thoughts?
    • Kingo
      Another brilliant read. Thanks for your input @jayc!  Can’t wait to try it out. 
    • shrimps
      Thank you for your input!

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    • jayc
      You can cross breed them with any other Palaemonetes species.  But it's not worth it. They are generally clear bodied and the result will be the same, a clear bodied shrimp. Trying to cross breed them with Caridina or Neocaridina, will result in rather bland looking shrimp as well. So not much reward for the effort.