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"Rocky" issues

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Hello everyone!

So recently i got down to scape my 2nd tank. This time for hardscape i decided i was going to use rocks instead of driftwood.

As i had already a small inventory of rocks of different kinds from too many trips to the fish store(hands up people), i could not decide which ones to use! 

I learnt a lesson in the end to just stick with what you know to be safe and inert. Especially if the intended livestock for the tank are soft water lovers. 

Because the local fish stores that i patronize do not have correct labels of the rocks they sell, i had to experiment and research on them as much as i could. 

Most of the rocks look so similar and matching them to pictures on the internet proved to be more frustrating. 

So to use or not to use? Rule of thumb, if you are not too sure, dunk the rocks intended to use in a pail of water and test its ph, if it changes, dont use that. The vinegar test is a hit or miss.

I got too carried away looking at the beautiful scapes from ADA and went out to buy the same light grey coloured rocks only to find out that they can alter the ph by a ton. A fish store owner told me to ask for an exchange of those seiryu rocks i purchased from another store as he said his friend had the ph climbed to 9.4 in his 10gallon, just half a day with just one of that rock. 

Got my exchange thankfully but store ower was very displeased to do that:(



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Some of the rocks i had.
Light grey being either seiryu or sekyri rock, till now i cant be sure.
Reddish coloured rock is dragon stone. (Safer option)aeaeb81393562a7592674c77bfb8b7f6.jpg3524bf6aecf55258a3a1bf096f7dc2ee.jpg

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    • Macks
      Thank you both so much for your responses, I think you covered everything I needed to hear. I really appreciate your help! I have a tank cycling as we speak. Unfortunately what I had available to be was the Fluval Spectrum substrate that was leftover from my planted tank. From what I’ve read, I’ll have to replace this and when I do, I’ll get ADA Aquasoil. 
    • Zoidburg
      Mainly what ineke said.    If your tank isn't already set up for Crystals, then it's recommended to get a new tank, get a good buffering substrate that lowers the pH (I don't recommend Fluval) and then allow it to cycle for 3-6 weeks. It can take a while to cycle, and that's okay. The bacteria prefer a higher pH but a tank with low pH will still cycle. You can put a heater in the tank and set it to about 84° to encourage the bacteria growth. Make sure you use RO water or distilled in the tank and remineralize with GH minerals. Not sure best GH for a Neo/Carid tank, but maybe around 5-6?   Once the tank is cycled, do a full water change and then you can drip acclimate the crystals (and Neos - if you only want one tank) into the new tank. If the Neo tank has widely different water parameters (pH, TDS, GH, KH...) compared to the Crystal tank, then drip acclimating may take a while.   It's hard to say how well the crystals will do in your Neo tank without knowing what parameters they were raised in, the parameters of your Neo tank, and other details. They generally do breed better and live longer in lower pH with lower GH parameters. Not only that, but color is usually improved, too, in lower pH.
    • ineke
      Hi Macks -you can successfully keep the two types together but you should keep your water parameters at CRS requirements. The Neos will adapt quite easily- they might slow down breeding initially but generally pick up very quickly. The CRS will not thrive in Neo WP's -they might survive but generally it's not recommended. I have posted about this recently on another thread but will show my  mixed tank . 
    • Macks
      Hi guys! So, I just got a small batch of crystal red shrimp to join my blue rilli and orange rilli. I’ve been looking stuff up online and getting pretty confused about water parameters... It seems like most resources are saying that Neocaridina need calcium, but then CRS should have really soft water. Does this mean that CRS should be kept with CRS only? Any input would be super helpful, I’m pretty new to keeping shrimp. Thanks! 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Great news. Hope it continues! What sort of tank do you have? How many Litres? What substrate? Anything else in the tank? Filter? Heater? How many shrimps do you have? What water do you use? Do you use dechlorinator? What do you feed them? Tell us some more??? I think they moult when you change some/all water and PH 7.6 should be ok for rili shrimp, so follow Zoidburg advice and don't try and alter it with the Ph down any more! Simon