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SPINACH Fresh or Frozen

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I am reading a lot of negative things on here regarding spinach and I suspect the big problem with most is they are not using ORGANIC as I have had no problem with spinach and the shrimps mob it and I have never had any deaths. IF you aren't sure then you can easily grow your own from seed on a window sill etc. If you buy it from a supermarket and it is labelled organic then it should be fine, but I would try a very small piece first time.

Only takes a couple of minutes to prepare either fresh or frozen.

Get a cup, put leaves in cup, pour on boiling water from kettle to just cover the spinach leaves, put in microwave on full for 1 minute and your done - simple as that. The whole leaf  (I use baby spinach leaves) is gone in a day and I usually TREAT the shrimps once a week.

One other thing to be wary of is 'pollution' so don't grow it near a source of pollution.



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