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PICTURES - Favorite Shrimp in the tank!

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You know there is always one... the prize of the tank, if you are fortunate you have more than one but for most of us, the prize of our tank is clearly the reason we obsess over water parameters, food and thinking about all the off spring that will fill future tanks...

So, grab a camera or phone and snap the best picture you can of your favorite shrimp in the tank and upload the picture to this thread!

Ready, set, go!


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    • jayc
      Thanks. It would help determine if there are any signs of disease on them.   In all the time I have kept shrimp, and researching shrimp diseases, I have not actually seen shrimp loosing legs in a shrimp only tank. However, it can be a possibility. If they have a particularly difficult time at moulting, and can rip off their legs during the moulting process. The good news is that shrimp can regrow legs, after moulting a couple of times. The hard part is keeping them healthy long enough till their next moult. What concerns me is that it is happening to more than one. Let's go back to water parameters. Can you list all the parameters you can? Water hardness, and calcium is of particular concern to me. Are you adding any form of calcium to the tank?
    • jswljones
      No fish, just one snail and hard to do macro shots on my old phone. Plus i have no breeder box.. I'll try to see what I can do and get better ones in the morning.
    • jayc
      Do you have fish? We need a Macro shot of the shrimp please. Can't see anything with a zoomed in, with the shrimps on a black background. Put them in a breeder box to photograph them easier.  
    • jswljones
      As my title states, The last few days my cherries have lost some of their legs and one died this morning. Not sure whats going on and my google-fu hasn't turned up anything. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction. I upgraded to a 10 gal from a 2 gal about 3 weeks ago with no problems. I cycled the tank for about 2 weeks before and all are in line. Here are some pictures:  
    • sky99
      Hello, Indeed, there shall be a pH variation depending on the plants that use/release CO2. However, 0.2 is comparable to the measurement error of a pH pen (i bought 2 and average the measures, and generally repeat the measuring 2-3 times if i need something more accurate). Concerning the akadama, the one i bough is Akadama Ibaki, and i think that it is the brand of it, the model is "double hard line". All technical soils will be "used up" at some point, and have to be replaced to get the buffering effect. However, the largest the effect on the water, the faster it will use the chemicals... For the same soil, if you're starting from 8.5 pH water to go to 6, it will probably use faster. In my case, my tap water is pH 7, KH 0 and GH 0, and i get to 6.5 pH, so i expect it to last a long time. If you want to do smaller doses of technical soil to lower "just a little" , i wonder if akadama will be strong enough for that? Or maybe it would simply take a long time to buffer the water to the final value... Anyway, in my case, the main goal is to keep shrimps. Some tanks are scaped, but if the soil "runs out", i'll probably either keep the scape with a population that likes the default water parameters, or redo the tank. But i have 11 tanks so i can move populations around i guess; if you only have this tank i don't know how to proceed... One thing i have noted though : Seyru stone increases the PH to aproximately 8 (again from near RO water parameters : GH/KH at 0, pH 7, TDS at 40), and the effect lasts extremely long (i have tanks with seyru stone that are years old, still the same parameters), so perhaps if we could find a rock that produces acidic water, it would create a long lasting buffer... With the large rock it takes more time than with technical soil to reach the final value, but basically lasts forever...