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Interesting Endlers

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I've only recently got into endlers, and already I've got a few very peculiar males popping up and I'm thinking of line-breeding them some time in the future. These came from completely legitimate parents and there has been no contamination of varieties, so these are purely mutations that come from the actual varieties themselves. In addition to these two males I have a few other strange males, just haven't got around to photographing them yet.



The above male came from my colony of Opal Endlers. It looks like a blonde but doesn't even have the red markings. I'll just need to work on getting the tail sorted out in his offspring as it's a bit deformed (as you can see it is angled downwards).




This male came out of a colony of Tiger Endlers, and looks nothing like what a Tiger Endler should, as it has the beginnings of a double sword as opposed to a pin-tail (about as opposite of a tail shape to a double sword as you can get). 



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Very nice.

I love how many varieties you get with endlers.


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Very cool. I like the tiger one.

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    • pastu
      Going back to culling , i would like to point out that removing too large a proportion of the colony you wish to improve , gets  your there faster , but you reach a point of no further progress for lack of genetic variability.  I tend to cull the worst 20% of my colony once a month and observe a slow steady improvement. Hopefully my colony will continue to improve Long into the future. I have learnt about population genetics when i was interested in breeding fancy fowl, and kept up to date now that i am interested in shrimps and horses. The laws are the same.the greater the breeding population and the lower the percentage that is removed from reproducción, the healtier and more prolific will remain and the further the progress in recombining desirable caracters. A severe rate of culling makes your population very homogenous early on and improvement stops
    • Wolf92s
      I'm still new to the hobby but they kinda look like other post (could be wrong, but he called them glass shrimp)

      For the last pic it looks like a pinocchio shrimp (Caridina gracilirostris).

      Maybe someone will correct me. Sorry couldn't help anymore.

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    • jayc
      Newer A/C units now have auto on/off features. Maybe it's time for an upgrade @Zoidburg 😁 The things we do for our shrimp!
    • jayc
      @Zoidburg, happy to do that for you. Moved.
    • Zoidburg
      @jayc Would it help at all to move this thread to General Questions/Discussions? Still looking for ideas on what these guys may be.