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Welcome everybody to our premier dedicated shrimp community. It's great to have you here and we look forward to reading about your experiences and seeing some photos of your shrimp and tank setup. Our community members here have a broad range of experience and are only too happy to help out with any questions.

Code of Conduct
SKFAquatics is dedicated to your enjoyment of this forum and as such will not tolerate ANY behavior from any member that is rude, offensive or aggressive towards anyone!!!

Naming and shaming by members will "not" be allowed in any form whatsoever. Please bring the matter to admin or a moderator to review.

All matters of dispute should be brought to the attention of the admin or moderation team straight away. He said , She said matters will not be tolerated! If you have a problem/dispute you must have evidence to back up your claims in order for us to act.

Bans will be given to anyone that cannot follow these simple and easy guidelines/rules.


Limited Access

You will have noticed that upon joining that your access is limited and there are quite a number of forums features you can't access. Your first 3 posts are held in a moderation queue before being published. After your 3rd approved post, this restriction is removed. We do this to help keep the SPAMMERs out.

A quick way in which to start your post count is to take the time to introduce yourself and tell everyone a little about what shrimp you keep, how many tanks you have, etc...

Other features such as the classifieds and chatroom are only available to subscribing members of the community. If you wish to become a subscriber or view the benefits of a subscriber, you can do this through the SKF store. Subscription and sponsorship fees go towards the purchase and maintenance of all the extra features that members enjoy.

We do not allow classifieds ( buying, selling, trading) anywhere else on SKFAquatics. If you see a thread or receive a unsolicited PM selling/buying goods, please tell a site moderator or admin immediately. The rules that are in place exist to make SKFAquatics safe and fun.

Links to other businesses
Our sponsors help to keep the forum running and also provide some great deals to SKF members. For this reason we do not allow links to competing businesses. If there is a business that you are aware of that can contribute to the SKF community, get in touch with @cesar or one of the mods regarding sponsorship. This includes links in signatures.

Marimo Balls/Moss
"Marimo ball & Marimo Moss" are illegal imports and a protected species in Japan, as such anyone buying, selling, trading, showing photos of this species will have there threads removed & deleted. If you have this Species in your possession you are advised to Contact AQIS for the safe removal and quarantine of it. Failing to do so may end up in loss of tank inhabitants and legal action being taken by AQIS. This topic is not open for discussion on SKF.

Reporting a Post
The moderators are real people living real lives and as such are not on the forums 24 x 7. This means that we may miss some posts/threads that are not in the spirit of the SKF rules.

If you come across such threads and/or posts, you can use the "Report Post" link to let us know. These are usually dealt with fairly quickly as a private message is sent to us. Failing that you can always shoot us a PM.

Happy shrimping!!

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    • jayc
      Thanks. It would help determine if there are any signs of disease on them.   In all the time I have kept shrimp, and researching shrimp diseases, I have not seen shrimp loosing legs where fish was not the culprit.   What substrate do you use? Could the grains be too rough/sharp?   Let's go back to water parameters. Can you list all the parameters you can?
    • jswljones
      No fish, just one snail and hard to do macro shots on my old phone. Plus i have no breeder box.. I'll try to see what I can do and get better ones in the morning.
    • jayc
      Do you have fish? We need a Macro shot of the shrimp please. Can't see anything with a zoomed in, with the shrimps on a black background. Put them in a breeder box to photograph them easier.  
    • jswljones
      As my title states, The last few days my cherries have lost some of their legs and one died this morning. Not sure whats going on and my google-fu hasn't turned up anything. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction. I upgraded to a 10 gal from a 2 gal about 3 weeks ago with no problems. I cycled the tank for about 2 weeks before and all are in line. Here are some pictures:  
    • sky99
      Hello, Indeed, there shall be a pH variation depending on the plants that use/release CO2. However, 0.2 is comparable to the measurement error of a pH pen (i bought 2 and average the measures, and generally repeat the measuring 2-3 times if i need something more accurate). Concerning the akadama, the one i bough is Akadama Ibaki, and i think that it is the brand of it, the model is "double hard line". All technical soils will be "used up" at some point, and have to be replaced to get the buffering effect. However, the largest the effect on the water, the faster it will use the chemicals... For the same soil, if you're starting from 8.5 pH water to go to 6, it will probably use faster. In my case, my tap water is pH 7, KH 0 and GH 0, and i get to 6.5 pH, so i expect it to last a long time. If you want to do smaller doses of technical soil to lower "just a little" , i wonder if akadama will be strong enough for that? Or maybe it would simply take a long time to buffer the water to the final value... Anyway, in my case, the main goal is to keep shrimps. Some tanks are scaped, but if the soil "runs out", i'll probably either keep the scape with a population that likes the default water parameters, or redo the tank. But i have 11 tanks so i can move populations around i guess; if you only have this tank i don't know how to proceed... One thing i have noted though : Seyru stone increases the PH to aproximately 8 (again from near RO water parameters : GH/KH at 0, pH 7, TDS at 40), and the effect lasts extremely long (i have tanks with seyru stone that are years old, still the same parameters), so perhaps if we could find a rock that produces acidic water, it would create a long lasting buffer... With the large rock it takes more time than with technical soil to reach the final value, but basically lasts forever...