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Do shrimp need to eat antibiotics?


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Hello folks, 

Short story - I have the same problem as last year with only certain shrimps getting shortened antennae disease.  They don't grow up to be full size, and the antennae start to get shorter and shorter.  After about a month they eventually die.  This only affects a certain type of shrimp.  For example, last year it took out 6/7 of the shadow pandas, but the 7th one grew up to full size and lived a long life.  The RWP and BB were unaffected as well.   I tried quarantine and treatment with various antibiotics, and even a full tank dose with one, but it didn't seem to work.

This year, it seems to be affecting the 3 RWP I moved over from another tank.  I read some articles having to do with industrial shrimp farming, and often they mention feeding the shrimp food mixed with antibodies.  So I wonder if that is the key for making meds to treat affected shrimp, or will they just absorb it from the water anyway?

BTW, I am doing the "standard" antibacterial things like lowering pH, add tannin extract, etc.

Addendum: I can't get oxytetracycline in the US.  Which is closer, minocycline, or doxycycline?

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Sorry to hear that your problem has started again. Unfortunately I don't think I can be of any assistance but hopefully someone will at some point. Did you mean 'food mixed with antibodies' or should that have been antibiotics? I can only assume though it was something related to the tank change (different water parameters maybe) that caused it, are they now in with other shrimp and are those ok?

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