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    • Fishkeeper4
      Hey everyone thabks for your help. After the tank has been running for a month I decided to grab some local red fire cherry shrimp and see how they do. After a week they are looking and doing great and I must have the calcium good I found 3 molts alrdy. Should I take them out or just leave them in the tank? Also found some baby shrimp alrdy. The owner of the fish store let's me catch my own fish so I grabbed 5 buried females and 4 others hoping a for male or 2. So far so good.   Also setup another 20gal im doing yellow fin white clouds and golden back shrimp once the tank has been running for a bit
    • jayc
      Let us know how the Storm product goes with cycling your tank.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I never vacuum vac any tanks with shrimps only, shrimps don't really need it in the way fish do as fish are very much messier! Anything that stops tiny shrimplets from getting sucked up will also stock the muck getting sucked up? If you want to continue with the vacuum then do it into a white container and leave it to settle so you can see after that whether there are any shrimps? I would probably stop vacuuming and maybe get a snail or 2 instead, that will add another interest point to the tank?  Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      They look like leeches, over the years I have seen some in my tanks (never on a shrimp though) but they are usually larger. I haven't used a treatment but if they are on a shrimp you should try the treatment JayC recommends! If they are on thhe glass (mine were) just remove them with your finger! I don't think they are harmful to shrimp but look nasty and must be irritating  to the shrimps. Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I hope it works out for you and look forward to hearing how you get on? Simon
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