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    • Crabby
      I have blue dreams on a black substrate... big mistake lol. I’d honestly go for fire red cherries if you have them - they pop really nicely on black and green. But the black is a good idea! Another way to tell sexes is by body shape - females have a more round shape, they’re a bit thicker, and sometimes a bit larger too. Males are skinner, and their bellies are much skinnier than the females. Unfortunately my brain is fried and I can’t think of the scientific work for ‘belly’.  
    • Crabby
      I mean the only reason you’ll want to let them age is so that people want to buy them! I’ve never had any interest in my endler fry until the males have started showing colour. So I generally wait a couple months to sell those guys. Heck, I have 100 apistogramma fry growing up in my 100L community tank. I’d love to sell them! But the oldest are only about 2 inches at most, so about 6 months old, and they only sell at around 9 months when they’ve put on some size.
    • Taste
      Curious how much i should let them age if its even a concern before i sell some of my babies.
    • jayc
      Most are fine except for gum leaves, too oily. You should be able to find Oak and Maple locally. You can try Dandelions, Nasturtium. Shrimps particularly like the flowers.  Roses, Basil flowers, Bee Balm (Bergamot) flowers, Borage flowers, Echinacea flowers, Pot Marigold flowers, Chamomile flowers, Chrysanthemums flowers, Garlic flowers, Onion flowers, Oregano flowers, Pansy flowers and Violet flowers.   Yes. Stuff to avoid ... Primulas, Primroses, Polyanthus, Iris, Daffodils, Nghtshade, box wood, foxgloves, amaryllis, clematis, bryony, buttercups, begonia, columbine, lily of the valley, sweet pea, Brachycome, Nolana, Rudbeckia, periwinkle, oleander, dogbane, aconite.   I cover a lot of these in this post. https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/5701-edible-flowers-for-shrimp/  
    • Subtlefly
      Update and pics soon!
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