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    • sdlTBfanUK
      I would imagine that the crabs will eat dead shrimps, even shrimps eat dead other shrimps, as they are both scavengers. Not sure that they would attack a live shrimp but it is probably best t keep a close eye on what happens before getting any more of either shrimps or crabs for that tank! Simon
    • Grubs
      I think the live shrimp will be fine.  The micro-crabs are delicate creatures taking advantage of a rotting corpse. I'm sure the crabs will enjoy the protein.  Ordinarily I avoid feeding dead livestock to other livestock to prevent transmission of disease or unknown parasites although I will say as a shrimpkeeper the temptation is strong. 😄
    • kms
      Yesterday I put a 3 new shrimps in the tank, and one dead shrimp that was DOA in the bag, nothing happened to the 3 shrimps, but the dead shrimp was swarmed by 3 crabs as food, would you presumed the live shrimps might get attacked soon or later.
    • Lizzy
      Thanks so much for all the info guys. I’m very appreciative!  I’ll update once I get the RO going. Fingers crossed I don’t kill them all 😅 I’m really hoping this will encourage more breeding. In saying that, I have 3 berried as of the last week, which is pretty exciting. 
    • jayc
      No! It's like salt. Does salt go off? Unless moisture and water has got into the container, it should last until the container disintegrates.   Add a bit of Salty Shrimp GH+ into the RO water (go slow), stir it in, until  it reaches 150 TDS. Keep measuring with the TDS meter you are getting. Doesn't have to be exactly 150 as Simon said.    If you have the tools for it and the patience, that is the best way. Or if you are like me, impatient, I add 25% of the new change water back into the tank every 20-30 minutes. So over the span of 2hours or so.
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