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    • Chiquarius
      Greetings shrimpkeepers, I have a 10 gallon tank in my basement. It gets very cool down there, especially in the winter. Right now the tank is unheated. I have some neos in there that seem to be doing alright. I would like to heat the tank but not have to constantly adjust for temperature fluctuations.    Can anyone recommend any automatic/adjustable aquarium heaters that will adjust as needed to a preset temperature? If so, please let me know.
    • 3718
      I found one of my fire red shrimplets swimming erratically with his back arched up and i siphoned him out. Found some sort of white or clear hair or something growing out from the front of the shrimp. He is still able to wiggle his legs and antennas but just seem to have no balance too. Any ideas?   Sent from my ASUS_Z01KDA using Shrimp Keepers Forum mobile app     This is the clearest pic i could find. Its too tiny for my camera to get a clear shot Sent from my ASUS_Z01KDA using Shrimp Keepers Forum mobile app
    • jayc
      Are you using a plant substrate like ADA Amazonia? If you are not, than ammonia won't get high enough to stall a cycle.   Just don't use too much Prime. Only enough to treat the amount of tap water being added. That should minimise any impact that it might have to bind ammonia.
    • Razzy
      I'm considering water changing because I read that too high of an ammonia reading will also stall the cycle. I only have prime but I was reading conflicting results on if it stalls the cycle by not letting the bb feed. 🤔    
    • Cesar
      Yep, I see it too... Will look into this... Recently upgraded to the latest forum software... Always bugs to fix afterward... Thanks @Grubs for bringing this to my attention.
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