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Taiwan Bee shrimp compatibility

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Hello folks,

I am aiming to have a mixed medley shrimp tank of Taiwan bee shrimp, sort of like what Simon has.  However, I want to minimize the number of "reject" hybridized shrimp that are either mono-color, or have weak colors and lots of clear patches.  My understanding is that as long as you mix Taiwan bee, you will get other Taiwan bee.  However, if you mix with CRS, you get these reject "mischlings" and if you mix with Tiger, you get the Taitibee that will end up having a lot of clear patches.

I finally found a local breeder that has a bunch of these shrimp.  (I don't want to deal with shrimp in the mail)  Anyway, I got a pair of juvenile blue bolts and a pair of red wine panda, which is vaguely similar to Simon's initial mix.  I'm not in a hurry to have an overgrown colony, but for genetic diversity reasons, is starting off with only 4 shrimp enough?

Secondly, here's a partial list of other (reasonably priced) shrimp that this guys sells.  Are these "compatible" with my current shrimp in the sense of not getting reject offspring?

Yellow King Kong, Black King Kong, Black Belly Pinto, blue shadow mosura

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Can't help but wonder if I might know the person who has those shrimp.

Based on the information you gave, I'd say to stay clear of the YKK's. They are believed to be TT hybrids although no one knows what species originally went into making them. They do pop up occasionally in mixed tanks. (at least the phenotype)

Beyond that... well, I honestly don't know enough to give any input!

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Great news you have made a good start.

I have had mine for a year or more now and I don't have any (never have had) with any clear patches or weak colour, though some of the patterns are a bit funky on some and some keepers would consider them to cull I suspect but I still like them as 'variety is the spice of life' after all? You may get some all reds or all blacks but they are called king kongs so still taiwan bee. Anyway, I guess the photos speak for themselves so you have seen what I have.

I am no expert by all means but I would stick to ONLY taiwan bees to avoid any of the colour/clear issues, and as zoidberg says, I a not sure about Yellow king kong so would avoid those!

I am getting a few which look half taiwan bee and half Pinto so bear that in mind if you get some of the pinto ones, but again they are fully coloured like the taiwan bee but obviously you may get some funky ones so that is a question you need to ask yourself. I have some blue mosura in my tank as well. I would maybe get a couple of the black shrimps and go from there???


ps in case anyone else is wondering about the shrimp of mine Beanbag is talking about, their are pictures in the gallery ref  'sdlTBfanUK'.


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    • sdlTBfanUK
      Thanks for that. I put the substrate in the tank and I think that is exactly the depth. I need to add more water as only 6L in there at the moment but it does look too much soil to my eyes at the moment but that's probably just because I only had half that before and I just need to get used to it like that. I will half fill the tank (hopefully get that done today) ready to start putting the plants and decorations back in and then decide, but it is a great help to know that that is the depth others use and works ok! Thanks again shrimp the world. Simon 
    • Shrimp the world
      Yah idk if it would do heaps of added extra for a tank ... I would add more air via a pump before I spent $15 on the device 
    • jayc
      Don't know about effectiveness on breeding, but additional oxygen in the water can't go wrong. It's probably better for overcrowded tanks.
    • Aquathumb
      Any Update on the effectiveness of this on shrimp and breeding? 
    • CurleyJones321
      Id put in maybe a liter or 2 of water (1cm of water in the tank) and put in a couple handfuls of substrate at the base just to help, the other substrate to them cover it which will have the main contact with your water allowing for the buffering effects (and the colour difference if there is one wont be noticed).

      I currently have a small pipe heater in the current tank that i can use for the new one, that technically makes my new project cheaper because i now don't need 2. can i get dimensions of this thank fully assembled including the top cover just so i can determine if i need to adapt my shelving. i don't mind poking out a corner of the tank from the shelf so i can do water changes and i can lift the tank onto another surface for heavy maintenance if necessary. Im really just interested if there is space for feeding without moving the tank.