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Ghost Shrimp Turned White... help!

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I’ve had the ghost shrimp for at least 3 months. About 2 months ago 4 of the 6 turned white. I’ve been waiting for them to die (assuming muscle necrosis), but they haven’t. One of the white ladies actually berried up a couple weeks ago. The white is definitely in the tail muscle, however parts of the carapace have turned white as well in those most affected  AND now I’m seeing black spots develop. 


I’d love to have a better idea of what’s going on with these little guys and see if I can keep them around a while longer. 


Tank info:

10 gallons, weekly water changes 10-30%, well water, heavily planted. 1ml of Flourish added most weeks. 

Ph 7.2

kh between 180-300 (test strip, master kit is on the way)

gh 300

nitrate & nitrite 0

foods used include: bug bites, crab cuisine, baby brine shrimp, tropical flakes, freeze dried blood worms (not all at once... don’t worry...)

tank mates: endlers, mystery snails, ramshorn snails  


*i just changed up the lighting to 6500k bulbs and the algae is having a hay-day. Prior to the bulb change there was not visible algae in this tank


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Wow, they don't even look like ghost shrimps anymore.

Its too late for treatment now. However, it won't hurt to try.

Urak, a member of this forum, shared an Oregano oil treatment (Carvacrol oil). Diluted at 1drop to 4.5ml of water. Then soaked the shrimp food in it and fed to the shrimp. 

Look for oregano oil in your supermarkets.

Take pics along the way for comparison.


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is the oregano treatment fish safe? 

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39 minutes ago, Elizabeth said:

is the oregano treatment fish safe

Safe for fish directly, but I cannot guarantee it is safe for the beneficial bacteria in your tank and filter media.

Afterall, this is supposed to kill the bacteria that is infecting your shrimp.

Sooooo, treat the patient in a hospital tank :happy:

But if you cannot do that, then you need to weigh up the risks.


<edit> - Oregano oil is probably more likely stocked in health food / vitamin shops.

Where are you from? SKF is very international now, I cannot assume everyone is from Aus anymore.

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    • jayc
      It must have been an aluminium heatsink. The Indium in Liquid metal will eat through aluminium. Only copper or nickel plated heatsinks can be used with liquid metal. It says so on the packet, at least my pack of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut does.
    • jayc
    • kms
      I will try to add all the old tank's shrimps at the end of August to the new tank, had a problem with my chiller this morning, try to make it more efficient by adding a better heat sink grease, I added a liquid metal grease, apparently you can't add liquid metal, when heating up, the heat sink turning to dust, along with part of the cooler inlet and outlet. So far the shrimps are ok.    
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have had the new shrimps a week and have ordered some new ones(10) for delivery friday. There are probably at least 6 of the 8 alive (they may even all be alive still) but as the tank is so densely planted it is difficult to tell, but I saw 2 black and 2 red this morning, as yesterday, but I'm sure 1 red and  1 black weren't the same as the ones I saw yesterday so there are probably at least 6, if that makes any sense??? Anyway that will be it for now and I will just let the tank and shrimps do there thing once this batch are in there in a couple of days, and I can get back to the usual routine as was, before this unfortunate event wiped out the last lot. All parameters are good, including the nitrates now, but there are a lot of brown patches on the plants and moss balls still......... It all looks a bit drab and uninspiring and brown!!! I probably just need to be a bit more patient? I will do some maintenance tomorrow and a small 2L water change, then the new shrimps will go in on friday after acclimatising. The shrimps were totally uninterested in the spinach or shrimp lolly I put in at the weekend but I am assuming they have so much biofilm at this stage that that is keeping them busy and well fed and they are staying under cover until they get used to their new environment and this strange ugly monster that keeps peering in at them through the glass from time to time? I guess if some 100ft tall bloke kept peering through my window a few times a day I would be a bit nervous/reserved shall we say? I removed the spinach and the shrimp lolly and put the shrimp lolly in the betta tank and within minutes there were 10 shrimp on it so there was definitely nothing wrong with that shrimp lolly! Simon
    • jayc
      Traps don't work on hydra. Even with planaria, it is slow and it doesn't catch them all.