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    • Aquahobby
      By Aquahobby
      Hey guyz, im cycling a 30l tank to get some rcs in it. The tank is almost cycled and im thinking of getting them next week. 
      I have tested the water and the kH is at 9 and ph is 7 (i have yet to buy a gh test as i bought the jbl pack and didnt realise it does not include gh). I have read about parameter for neo carodina and they say that the hardier the water the better. But i have also read that the water can be too hard which will make it hard for them to molt.
      What would you recommend for the parameters ? And how much should i start as a basic colony? 
    • GotCrabs
      By GotCrabs
      Hi all, haven't really been on for awhile due to life's challenges that get thrown our way from time to time but have thought I would jump on and ask for some suggestions on the following.
      My Mum has a bright red Betta that she adores and it's currently in a 12g that I use to keep all my shrimp in, well the Betta took care of them all and I'm in the process of making it back into a shrimp only tank with just Anubias on driftwood and Moss, so I am after some suggestions for an all in one nano set up for a Betta, I've looked on eBay and haven't found anything I really like or should I say trust that won't break as some look quite cheap and would like to buy her something decent that will do the job well, checked out the Fluval Chi but think the lighting is quite poor though, so think that's out of the question also.
      Anyway, if anyone could give me some suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    • Zebra
      By Zebra
      So today while visiting a friend who works at my local fish shop I could help but buy a couple of Bettas they had there, we've been talking lately about Bettas they plan to breed. 
      I've got them in they 5-bay I sumped over my shrimp tank till I set them up a better tank, lol.

    • Serra
      By Serra
      Hi all,
      I'm not sure if anyone will see this, but I'll give it a try!
      I'm currently having some issues with my male Plakat that is 10 months old.
      I have a 20 liter tank, heated, with a 30cm pro z led light.
      The tank used to be scaped but he began to look unwell. We have another empty tank so I had him in there for about a week and he got better. Basically I've been putting him back and forth between tanks until I ended up taking everything out and he had a bare bottom tank with some rocks anubias and moss. This has gone well for about a month but yesterday he appears for a better word, lethargic. He seems to be spending a lot of time towards the top of the tank.
      This is becoming highly frustrating as I am more than happy to have a nice landscaped tank for him but he doesn't seem to like it.
      The ph is around 7.2
      All water tests have been very low as I give him a small amount of fresh waster daily. I've tried straight tap with Prime, RO with equilibriam and a mix of both. There are always IAL in the tank also.
      Any thoughts/help/comments would be greatly appreciated!
    • Jarhead9506
      By Jarhead9506
      Hi all :) Just wondering im new to SKF and shrimp keeping and ive got a small 6gal tank setup with fluval stratum substrate, a sponge filter and heater, looking to keep cherry red shrimp and was thinking okay ive got a api water test kit that tests the PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate levels but where or what do you use to find out the other important values like GH, KH and TDS? First post still new to forums in general so if i did something wrong please dont kill me haha :P thanks guys :D
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    • Subtlefly
      Thanks for your input.. the tank is cement and is under our house, its what I use to top up my outdoor pond when it loses evaporation and the shrimp living out there are breeding.  I will certainly look into test kits but to begin with I am just going to cycle the tank with plants.  Thanks again!
    • sdlTBfanUK
      It is best to test the parameters of the 'source' water and go from there. Many people use dechlorinated tap water successfully with cherry shrimp (me included), but rainwater or RO water you will need to mineralise the water. I guess it is a bit too early at this stage as you don't have the tank yet, but you may want to ge the test kits so you are ready to go anyway - TDS meter/pen, GH, KH, PH and of course ammonia/nitrite/nitrate for cyclng the tank. I guess you can make life easier when you have the tests by testing the different 'sources' so you can get any minerals etc ready as well, and decide which source is going to best suit cherry shrimps? Rainwater is likely near to RO water so will likely need minerals added, and what is the storage tank/guttering made of, as some metals are toxic to shrimp, especially copper? Sorry, got a bit off original topic. All the equipment you originally listed looks good and well thought out from what I saw but as I am in UK it isn't the same 'stuff' here so hopefully someone from Australia will help with that aspect. Simon
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have often got odd groups of fungus growing when setting up new tanks, though not seen it on any shrimp, usually wood or ornaments etc and that clears itself in time once the tank is properly cycled and settled down. If he seems happy and active just keep a close eye on him and see how it progresses (hopefully disappears). Maybe the tank wasn't quite ready for him? I'm not quite sure how quickly/easy it is to cycle/establish when there are no plants, it may take longer as they are usually a part (speed up) of the process I would think, and if you have just got an ammonia reading this week? Keep testing Ammonia/nitrite and nitrate regulary at this point? If the ammonia gets too high it is normal to do a large water change, but that may trigger a molt so only do that if absolutely necessary. Don't overfeed the fish either (common mistake) as that may cause extra ammonia? What water are you using, RO or Tap? Simon
    • Subtlefly
      So we have a rainwater tank under our house and I have a pond in the yard - was kind of planning on using rain water or water that has been cycling through my backyard pond, native pacific blue eye fish and native red nosed shrimp out there doing their own thing.   If I am stuck and in a drought then I might have to resort to filtered tap water...  does this sound like a plan?
    • sdlTBfanUK
      You have obviously done your research and I look forward to seeing how it progresses/goes. It all sounds very exciting and well planned out! I looked up the lighting and saw this video, don't know if you have already seen it but it seems quite informative (A80 model)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZNKR2-kWbA With the filter you just need to be sure that the intake is shrimp safe so they don't get sucked into the filter? Do you know what water you will be using, Tap or RO and if tap water what the parameters of your tap water are. Usually you can use tapwater for cherry shrimp unless it has extreme parameters?  I am probably getting a bit ahead at this stage though? Simon
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