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changing Asian power plug.

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Do you ever find great products online we don't otherwise have access to here in Australia?

I find power adaptors tend to make a very poor unstable connection, and adding a new plug end isn't everyone's cup of tea.

So As long as your product is:

220-250v 50-60hz (which is used by a lot of Asia and also Australian power standards) 

You can simply bend the male terminals carefully to create a stable, Solid connection to fit our Australian power points. These products like some of our electronics run with only 2 wires and no earth, you can plug them in either direction and they will operate.




Asia plug on top.

Australian plug underneath.


One at a time carefully bend the male terminals with pliers till the plug fits Aus power points.





Thats about it, I'd recommend maybe using an un plugged extension cord to test the plug fit, always be careful doing anything with or around electricity.

This is what I do and it works safely for me given the device is rated correctly, Do this at your own risk though, imo I believe this is a safer connection then the loosely fitting power adapters. 

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Nice one I know exactly what you mean with the insecure power adapters !!


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    • jayc
      No problem. Love helping others if I can. Report back in a week or so. You should test TDS every day around the same time, to keep a track of any changes.
    • Zenplay,thailand
    • supermansteve32
      Sounds good Jay. Thanks a lot I appreciate all of you
    • jayc
      It sounds about right for GH6 (6 drops is roughly 120 TDS). Those GH test kits are not the most accurate. And RO water reading of 3 is not unreasonable. I don't know why you would have been reading 240TDS last week and now it's a 100 points lower. I would suggest, not changing water parameter with a water change for a week, then see where it is at. Change if it gets close to 200 (say around 180-190). Let's give the tank some stability by not changing anything for a while.
    • supermansteve32
      I checked my TDS meter and it reads 3 on RO water and today my TDS in my tank is 133. I did a test with API and it took 6 drops so that's around 100 TDS.  I had 2 adolescents die overnight.  Should I only change water when it's over 200 TDS or should i continue with the 10% every week?  Thanks