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How to fight this single celled parasite?

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Check out the microbewiki link above. Excellent resource for microbe differentiation.

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Appears someone got some AMAZING shots of these parasites in shrimp molts... and it's not just in Caridinas. (no surprise there! just, there's at least one or more Neo specific parasites out there that don't bother Caridinas!)


It's in this video below.... actually see them about 12 minutes in. (be sure to watch in 1080p!)



One person thinks they might be apostome ciliates, also seen in saltwater shrimp.



And doing a quick search shows some scary stuff.... and interesting pages!


Appears as if copepods can't even be free of these things.... yeeghads!






And now I feel like molts should never be left in the aquarium...

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Peeking to see if anyone knows where to buy quality fenbendazole powder in Australia, northern NSW or Gold Coast. The pancur and safeguard suspensions contain parabens. I am picky.  Perhaps the metro helps rid flukes or something but haven't found it too good on the morgellons.  Groundwater is polluted. Mold and toxic mold. Parasites follow.  Fenben powder I need asap. Fishben is meant to be sold at aquarium stores.

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22 minutes ago, Anelissa said:


Is this for your shrimp, and do they have morgellons?

What are you treating specifically? Mould? Parasites? 

Maybe RO water system is a better choice, as it avoids chemicals in the tank. Probably better for your health as well, if you use it for drinking. You can get RO systems that flip between aquarium water and drinking water in one unit.

Fenbendazole is not something that is openly advertised in Aus. So it's going to be difficult tracking it down. 

You might just have to keep asking all your local aquarium stores. 

Alternatively, look for it on ebay by searching for "Fish Bendazole". It will mostly likely be shipped from USA, so the overall cost won't be cheap with shipping included.

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    • edishrimp
      Thanks! Decided my current setup is good enough in terms of aeration since my sponge filter is connected to an air pump cranked all the way up. The outlet of the sponge filter is also in the flow of the canister so that should help generate more surface agitation Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • jayc
      That's exactly how I would start with selective breeding for higher quality. Separate as many good shrimp as you can into another tank. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      My 'thing' is variety so I would just remove ones that I'm not keen on, or if I get too many of one/lower grade and need to reduce numbers! With all taiwan bee types you never get the boring natural types you get with neocaridina over time! I guess if I was to want to concentrate on one grade I would get a smaller additional tank and put those shrimp in that and just keep moving them from tanks, to the right tank as and when they appear as babies but of the wrong grade for the tank they are in, if that makes sense, and you still have the mixed tank to enjoy. I don't know how you tell what genes the shrimp are carrying or what the offspring will look like thats too advanced for me? Simon
    • Lizzy
      Thanks Simon and jayc.  I have several grades and patterns amongst the CRS. How do you guys think I should go about more selective breeding? Pick a quality I like then separate a few that have that quality?  Lizzy
    • smicko
      as long as you have good surface movement you will have plenty of oxygen. air stones and venturi setups don't put extra oxygen in the tank as the bubbles are too big, all gas exchange happens at the surface. The only exception is if you run c02, you need no surface movement and the plants provide oxygen.  
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