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    Embedding Flickr Images in your thread

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    In this day and age of digital photography and the multitude of forums we belong to, it starts to get messy showing your photo's. One option is to host them yourself or via an image host (e.g. imageshack) and another is to upload to each forum. My preference is to use Flickr as I'm already posting high res images to them.

    Attaching Flickr images to SKF is extremely easy.

    Find the image you want to share

    flickr - choose image.PNG

    Click on Share

    flickr - share.PNG

    Click BBCode and the resolution you want. Copy the code that gets printed in the text box.

    flickr - bbcode.PNG

    When you paste the code into your thread you will get something like this:

    Australatya striolata (Riffle Shrimp) by AussieNoGi, on Flickr

    You only need the following code:


    which results in:


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