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    Mizu Sakura "Aussie Montmorillonite"

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    From supplier:



    100% Natural Organic mineral supplement that polishes and cleans your aquarium water. 

    Calcium bentonite is formed from volcanic ash fall & apart from having powerful detoxification properties.

    For decades NASA has been successfully using calcium bentonite as an internal mineral supplement to counteract bone degradation in astronauts as well as re-introducing an abundance of organic electrolytes, nutrients and minerals. 

    This clay powder will also help add vital foods for your plants as well as making the existing nutrients and wastes in your tank more readily bioavailable for plant up-take.

    Hand milled right here in Victoria from large clay to ensure precise smooth texture, Cause here at Mizu Sakura we are passionate about your plants and shrimp.

    Calcium bentonite, (Sometimes known as montmorillonite referring to a specific geographical location in France- Montmorril.) Montmorillonite, (sometimes known as calcium bentonite referring to a specific location containing the largest know calcium bentonite quarry in the world, US- Fort Benton.) comes straight out of the earth to your tank, all the way to us from pure quarries in beautiful Western Australia, these quarries are designated solely for the harvest, production and careful packaging of natural Calcium Bentonite.

    Usage: Small pinch per 20L, After water change.

    Package size: 20g



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