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    Lowkeys Hiden No Esa Secret Shrimp Food

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    I found this an interesting shrimp food with a surprising use. Lowkeys Japan states that shrimp are generally fed too nutritious food on a regular basis, in contrast to what they would find in nature.

    The ingredients themselves don't look that impressive at first glance:

    • Seaweed
    • Gluten meal
    • Fish
    • Vitamins


    A dense pellet food that does not soften, lose shape, dissolve or foul the water At All. I am not sure how they managed to formulate it like this. I use this exclusively as a holiday food as shrimp snow just makes too much of a mess in larger quantities for me. The pellets hold shape until all is eaten by the shrimp. The pellets look similar to peat moss/wood chips and do not quite look like the ingredients one thinks it would look in the above ingredient list...


    My shrimp initially ignore it completely when put in the tank. I suspect they might be spoiled with the other foods I give them. Give them A few hours and the shrimp start leisurely nibbling for a while, then going away, and coming back in a few hours to have some more. I find this incredibly interesting: the whole structure- holding, non-fouling food that lasts forever in a tank ( I would just like to clarify: "forever" means a week holiday in this review ).

    The catch:

    Not available for purchase in Australia at the moment. Available in USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

    Highly recommended as a holiday food option.

    This Lowkeys Hiden No Esa Secret shrimp food gets ???/5 shrimp tails.


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