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    Glass Shrimper Net

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    Glass Shrimper Net:


    Photo Credit: practical fishkeeping UK



    I was very kindly gifted one of the new Glass Shrimper Nets by @newbreed at the National Shrimp Championships- Thank you Jamie.


    Look and feel:

    The glass is light, but thick and strong enough to resist bashing against tank glass and during washing. The hollow handle is 40cm in length.

    First thoughts:

    Because the Glass Shrimper net is unlike any other net I have handled before, it took some getting used to wielding it correctly and moving at correct angles and directions under the water. I felt like a bit of a buffoon at first!

    What I like about it:

    -The shrimp are not stressed when you try and catch them, most get into the glass net themselves. A slow to moderate speed approach does not upset them at all.

    -When you put your finger over the handle hole at the top, you can lift the shrimp out of the tank without them being exposed to air and out of the water at all, avoiding stress. I found this really cool when catching shrimp for sorting.

    -The shrimp move into the handle when you hold the net horizontal and this enables excellent viewing: when put in front of a light, you are able to see dark shrimp saddles that are usually not visible with the naked eye in dark shrimp like king kongs or dark tigers. I also found this excellent for culling shrimp as I could inspect them closer than I could have ever done before without stressing them too much, making sorting easier.

    - I am able to sterilise this glass shrimper net properly unlike regular nets

    - I also successfully used it as a glass feeding chute to transfer powder food into a feeding dish without getting lost in the current by injecting the food directly into the handle and tipping it out on the feeding dish without getting my hands in the tank.

    Tip: this net works on the principle that you put the Glass shrimper net against a surface like the tank glass or moss until the shrimp swims to the back or to the handle, then you can move the shrimp to the water surface. It will not work in cornered surfaces for obvious reasons.

    Because of the reduced shrimp stress and easy close-up inspection, I give this very useful Glass Shrimper net ???? out of 5 stars.










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