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    Eheim Professional Shrimp Granules Food

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    Available now from @The Tech Den

    EHEIM professional food is a tasty and nutritional granule for Shrimp well accepted, with everything that they need with:-

    • essential nutrients
    • proteins, fats
    • unsaturated fatty acids
    • vitamins, minerals
    • trace elements.

    It is a Universal food being nutritious and complete diet for all species of shrimps. The recipe accurately meets all the needs of shrimp and a balanced diet.



    Fish meal  
    Wild-caught herring  
    Wild-caught shrimps  
    Fresh kelp  
    Wheat flour  


    Raw protein 39.00 %
    Raw fat 13.00 %
    Raw fiber 2.00 %
    Raw ash 9.00 %
    Moisture content 6.00 %

    Sensory additives

    E161 750mg

    Nutritional additives (per 1000 g)

    Ascorbyl Monophosphate 800.00 mg
    Vitamin A acetate 1,400.00 iu
    Vitamin D3 2,000.00 iu
    Vitamin E 680.00 mg
    Vitamin B12 50.00 µg
    Riboflavin 20.00 mg
    Niacin 100.00 mg
    Inositol 100.00 mg


    E 306 150.00 mg
    E 324 150.00 mg
    E 202 1,340.00 mg

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