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    Dennerle Shrimp King Pea & Leaf Loops

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    Dennerle states that they do not put any cheap fillers in their shrimp food and that they also believe in full disclosure of ingredients so that you know exactly what you are putting in your shrimp tank. The products are Made in Germany according to their rigorous quality standards that Germany prides itself on.

    I have bought quite a few varieties and there is one common thing that stands out: all the food smells fresh. Even the Mineral food that is packed with Green lip mussel, smells like fresh seafood, unlike most other food brands that smell as though they were made with rotten fish and  animal byproducts. I understand that a fermented food will smell fermented, but for other brand shrimp foods to smell rotten when it is not a fermented food, and for the Dennerle food to smell this fresh and pleasant, it really makes me think...

    The food is very interestingly shaped: small rings instead of the usual food pads. This is a good design as shrimp can eat at the edges without wasting the centre. Yellow rings are the peas, green ones are the leafy ones. Dennerle recommends one loop per 15 shrimp. This is the most entertainment I have had during feeding in a long time: the larger shrimp are strong enough to just lift the loops and try to scamper away with them. The easiest way to hold it for them is to hold it like a wheel, so very entertaining seeing a couple of adult shrimp on unicycles moving about!? I have noticed that the shrimp fight over the green leaf loops more than the yellow pea ones.

    Ingredients: yellow peas 44%, mulberry leaves 33%, walnut leaves 11%, wheat protein, Rosemary.

    The Pros:

    • The shrimp like it a lot: TB, Tiger, Neo and Natives are drawn to it straight away
    • Holds shape well. In reasonable form the next day in the tank- the yellow pea ones go a bit more squishy
    • Available in Australia on ebay at a competitive price
    • Minimally altered ingredients
    • fresh, sweet smell
    • packet is packed very full
    • minimal wastage
    • the quality is superb and almost all the loops are intact, very few broken ones

    The Cons:

    • Due to the loop shape, some loops don't sink immediately as an air bubble gets caught in the middle and then float on top. I have a way around this: I throw the loops into the tank at great speed after taking aim...?

    I will post the reviews of other Dennerle products in the next few months. I am hooked on the quality. After working my way through my mountain of shrimp foods I already have, this brand is the only one that I will buy from now on as the quality is exceptional, and so is the freshness. And it does not cost more than the other popular trusted brands I have been buying.

    Shrimp King Pea & Leaf loops get ???? and a half/ 5 shrimp tails. This is as fresh as a dried food will ever get.


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    Looks like they are flat now. My shrimp and crabs loved the treat.






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