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    Australian Black worm Pellets

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    My shrimp like black worms more than blood worm or tubifex, but the annoying thing is that the dried worms float. I have recently bought Australian Black worm Sinking Pellets. I use this as a meaty protein supplement and have rated it as such. It is not a complete holistic shrimp food and it isn't marketed as such either.


    • sinks immediately
    • relatively unadulterated product
    • shrimp love them and feed on it immediately ( I am assuming that they love the taste as they eat at it for a while and they do not lose interest or    toss it away). Shrimp taste- test panel: Tiger, CRS, TB, Natives, various Neos. 
    • the pellets are the perfect size for shrimp: a young adult shrimp is capable of holding a pellet. Low wastage.
    • it is extremely affordable

    I cannot fault this product at all.

    Rating as a protein/meaty supplement: ?????/5 Shrimp Tails


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    My shrimp love these pellets! They sink straight down and don't break down easily.

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