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    AquaLighter aPUMP

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    aPUMP is an aquarium air pump for aquariums from 10 up to 100 liters volume and is designed to supply aquarium water with oxygen, the most essential and vital element.

    I set out to find a quiet air pump due to having all my tanks in my bedroom - you can imagine how annoying it was hearing a noisy air pump when you're trying to sleep!

    I decided to give the aPUMP a go considering the claim of 'most silent pump in the world'.

    What did I like about of it?

    • It's silent - I actually couldn't hear it unless I had my ear really close to it
    • It's tiny! - Slightly bigger than a 50 cent coin
    • Has a suction cup
    • Comes with some tubing and an air stone

    If you're looking for a quality air pump, that's close to silent, don't go past the aPUMP ?

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