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    API Safe & Easy Aquarium Glass Cleaner

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    The best method I have found for cleaning any marks off my tank glass exterior: I use a very fluffy 100 percent cotton tea towel that I slightly wet with a very small amount of boiling water out of a kettle. The hot water evaporates as soon as it hits the glass and no white mineral deposits or fingerprints remain after a good once over. Spotless, and at no cost.

    I saw API Safe & Easy and I thought: Aha! A type of super-safe Windex for aquariums. At $9.95, I had to have it.

    The Pros:

    • It is fish safe 
    • nice little trigger bottle of a good size

    The Cons:

    • It leaves streaks all over the glass, seriously, after thinking I did a lazy job, I tried again. It leaves streaks with the best of cloths. Then you have a hazy look about your tank. This I attribute to the layer they claim it leaves behind to to prevent future mineral deposits.
    • There is not enough surfactant in the product to wash ornaments, rocks, heaters etc. to actually qualify as clean.

    For a cleaning agent that leaves marks, streaks and a dull coating on glass and does not have the surfactants I expect of a cleaning agent, this product gets rated ?/5 Shrimp Tails. The one tail was awarded for it being a safe and non-toxic product, although completely ineffective.

    I want my $9.95 back...



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