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    Accu drip review

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    So I've been buying a few different products lately to get everything running 100%

    One of which is the marine accudrip, and I have to say I'm very pleased with this product.

    I got sick of trying to jerry rig something every water change or top off, and cause I only really keep shrimp or they're my main focus I thought why not?

    Easy operation from a wheel that rolls up and down governing the water flow.

    Well displayed drip to monitor flow.

    RRP $20 - bit much but happy to pay it for what this product achieves as far as convienience goes.

    Only downfall is I would have liked a bit more length on the hard tubing with the "U" shape so it reaches the bottom of your bucket, but a small prices of standard airline fit over it fine- easy fix.

    I think anyone with anything even slightly sensitive or hardcore into this hobby would love this product and it gets a full 5 stars from me- only downfall really is the price.







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